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Best FFB settings...

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jeffry in t Veld, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Jeffry in t Veld

    Jeffry in t Veld

    So, i really can't find any good FFB settings for my G27, i'm pretty sure someone here must have perfected his FFB settings by now, at the moment i don't really feel the road, it feels like the only FFB i really feel is just the steering wheel going left or right on their own if i turn it up too high. So, SHARE dem GSC 2013 FFB settings!
  2. Wayne Whitmore

    Wayne Whitmore

    Jeffry, untold amount of info regarding this subject all over the internet. Google and you will be inundated with material. In short there is no magic FFB settings. What you will find is a common thread for it is what the user likes.

    That being said the most common settings will be as follows
    Logitech profiler settings. Global Device settings if no individual profile.FFB Settings Overall Strength anywhere from 101 - 110 me 110 All others ZERO Tick the box for enable centering spring.
    Still In Profiler Steering wheel settings untick report combined. Degree of rotation depends whether you want to simulate real life or get best game play. real-life open wheelers will be quite low (eg 200 - 300) Tin tops will be more in the upper range. It is how many degrees of rotation the steering wheel has lock to lock. ME best game play for all cars is lower range 270 - 360. There has to be the proper compensation in the car setup for what you set here. If you use low numbers here then in game car setup will need low numbers too. (eg 270 will = 9 -12 in game car set up, where 600 + here will = 22 - max in game car setup).
    Tick allow game to adjust settings.
    If you have individual profiles for different games then put these settings in the profile.
    In Game controller 1- FFB effects set to low, FFB Strength - anywhere from -100 to -50 depending on your liking and the mod you are driving. ME minus77. Important part here is that it must be a negative number. You just have to try different values to find what you like. Avoid using to high a number here as it will start clipping and you will not be feeling what the car is trying to tell you. (google clipping for another year of reading)
    In Game controller 2 - Look ahead 100 all others ZERO. Digital rates do not apply to wheels. Just leavee at 10
    In Game controller 3 - S1 -100 - better clutch response off the start. All others 50. dead zones all ZERO.

    Some further adjustment of brake pedal axis sensitivity can be useful if you have a over sensitive brake pedal. Adjustment in Logitech profiler and in game controller.

    The game also has inbuilt "real feel" this can be adjusted by changing the values in the real feel ini file.
    eg Max Force At SteeringRack=-3800 - higher values lighter the steering will feel lighter but more road feel may be evident. This line in the ini file is set for each car class you drive. Change value from 1000 - 5000 to try.
    Should you be running the motec plugin then the value to use in this file can be read from the steering arm force trace. Other wise experiment or ask other what they might be using.

    As I said you can spend your entire life reading stuff on this subject it would have to be one of the most subjective and controversial conversation on the web.. This is my 2 minute take on it with what I use.
    Hope you get some use from it.
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  3. Jeffry in t Veld

    Jeffry in t Veld

    Thanks allot for that long post! I used some of those settings and i have allot better driving now, allot smoother as well! Maybe will tweak it a bit to get it even better!
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