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Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Gary Horneck, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Gary Horneck

    Gary Horneck

    I have every sim/driving game on the market, but I spend most of my time with R3E. I'm a racer and a track rat (16 track days this year) and what I care about, car control, R3E delivers. With Fanatec gear I have a level of control that does not exist in another sim. The finer nuances of driving at the limit are spot on. No other sim allows me to pitch and catch a car like R3E. For me everything R3E delivers is just about perfect. I have no issues with the triple screen display, no distortion, and it looks natural to me. I have my left monitor only canted at 20 degree's at the A pillar on my cars, and have the FOV and monitors set at the exact distance a car has in RL. The graphics are almost movie like, the car sounds are fantastic, it runs smooth at 75 fps, and the perfect car control. Thanks Sector 3 for a great job.
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  2. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
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    Glad you're enjoying it:thumbsup:
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  3. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Staff Premium

    I must agree, even do I have very little track time(just a few laps on Nords) i feel most comfortable with RR on my T500
  4. Fanapryde


    Agree on almost everything, but the triple screen part.
    I have 27" triples, at 50°, also A pillar and the view if the side monitors is stretched. No way near how the picture should be. If you have every sim, try AC again and look at the view there. I'm not a big fan of AC, but they have REAL triple support. No huge mirrors, no stretched cars and trackside objects like in R3E.
    And tbh, a 20° angle !?
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