Best budget solution for gt1 evo seat


Hi guys; I’m in the UK and am considering buying a GT1-evo, I love sim labs speed1 seat in blue but can not afford the cost of it. Can anyone offer any suitable alternatives? Thanks

Ps I don’t really want to go to a scrapyard etc, I’m a bit weird with germs and prefer just to buy new (thanks).


I guess this all depends on what we each perceive as 'budget' but if the £200 or so mark counts, maybe consider Corbeau.

I picked up their bottom of the range Club Sport bucket seat and have been pleased with what I got for the money. They also have a few other options in that similar price range.


Amazon have some non-FIA approved race seats, but to be honest, I'd rather have the Corbeau one linked above by Paul. Get that !
If you are not into junkyard stuff, look for seats which don´t require FIA approval, they are cheaper.
I feel you regarding second hand items, when my lovely OMP WRC-R arrived directly from an amateur rally car, it smelt of fuel and moist, as if some water would have soaked it. Or maybe my brain urges me to believe it´s water xD
After a thorough cleaning process is all good now.