best AI mods ?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Scrush, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Scrush


    hello everyone

    can you tell me what are the best AI mods ?

    i tried AI toolkit but on monaco the AI crashs always. is it only on monaco so that i drive in monaco without this mod ?

    with the true AI mod and difficult on legend i won the first race with a lotus. the second was 1 round behind me. thats to easy.

    i know in barcelona the AI is faster. but when im driving in a redbull or ferrari in the latest seasons i will won every race without fighting because its to easy^^

    i play without fuel sim. because i dont trust the mods in this point

    tyre sim is ON.
  2. glight


    I think the best choices right now are TrueAI 1.4, Gl4dia70r Real Ai and the Ai Toolkit. Although I think they are very similar I believe the Real Ai has the higher difficulty, and has the benefit of realistic Qualifying times. I found it to be too hard for me to keep pace in China in the Lotus even around P16, so hopefully that will be hard enough for you. Like you I've turned fuel sim off, the mods help but the Ai are still too fast in the early stages and especially at the start of the race.

    The perfect corner mod was updated not too long ago so maybe give that a whirl with the Real Ai.

    I have given up racing career for a while. It was getting to be too frustrating trying to find the right balance of difficulty. I will probably give it another go once the 2011 conversion mod is updated since there will be an updated Ai mod included.
  3. Iulian Cezar

    Iulian Cezar

    The AI Toolkit I think it's the best IMHO. You can set-it up exactly as you like. At 100%, the AI is a beast. For Monaco, just turn the AI to 88%, it's still significantly better than stock Legend CM offered, and the AI crashes are minimum. If I remember right, when I had the AI turned to 100%, only 3 cars did not finish in Monaco, all others did.
  4. My993C2


    I think the AI toolkit is a must have because as you say, with it you can customize through trial and error your racing experience to make the AI competitive to your own driving skill level. But unless I am mistaking how this game works we should not really compare the toolkit to the other AI mods.

    1) The database file influences lap times of the individual AI opponents. If people want to speed up or slow down the various drivers in qualifying they do this through making changes to the database file. The AI toolkit has an easy interface to tweak the database, but one needs to start somewhere and the default database file given to us from CM is the least accurate version you can use. Download a modified database file from somewhere and use the AI toolkit if you want to make further changes.

    2) AI mods such as "True AI 1.4" only influence the cars around you when they are in view. The moment the AI cars are out of view CM starts inventing lap times out of thin air from the database file. I like the "True AI 1.4" mod because it makes the AI (at least when they are in view) much more realistic and they are definitely more aggressive. Plus I believe the "True AI 1.4" mod implements some of Ryder's catch up tweaked AI XML files (or at least I have some of Ryder's tweaks) which helps spread the field out a lot more.

    I practice and qualify with minimal driver aids in the cockpit view using a G25 wheel/pedal set on "Legend", but thanks to the aggressive AI in the "True AI 1.4" mod, I race only at the "Professional" level as this gives me a good challenging experience. But I absolutely use to AI toolkit when I see AI cars need to be sped up or slowed down on specific corners. It's all about tweaking the game to make the game challenging, but still making it fun where you can get results you want from the game (I don't need to win every race, I just want to know I can compete for points). It's no fun when you are leading a "Trulli Train" all race long (poor Jarno, he used to win races when he was with a good Renault car. Now he gets no respect at Lotus, but they keep him because he is good at developing their car).
  5. Scrush



    today i drove 2 races. one 50% malaysia with true ai 1.4 and toolkit at 90%. full weekend. no fuel sim, but with tyre sim, no driving helps except Traction control on medium ( xbox 360 pad ).

    with lotus i did a 1.35.3xx and it was the pole for me. after start i was on first position. vettel and button behind me. after the pitstop, vettel had overtook me and i was on secand position. i had no big problems to follow vettel. he was 5-8 seconds in front of me and button 2-3 seconds behind me for the rest of the race. button overtook me at the end because i had spinned^^

    i will change the toolkit settings now to 100%. i think a lotus in top 10 is unrealistic.^^

    but i think, when i drive for ferrari or the other top teams i will be to fast.

    and i will change some corner speed of the ai.

    does the fuel sim fix work ?

    sry for my english :D
  6. DikiDino


    Fuel sim works. But its not affecting the AI as badly as it is on player cars.

    Previously i had the thinking that AI doesn't have fuel sim, so i off it. But now i turn them on to increase the difficulties. Because almost half of the race, the fuel weight will affect your car dramatically.

    Like in my first year with Force India, i had no problem getting pole in qualifying. When race start, i felt like i'm holding them back no matter how hard i push because the car drive very differently when in quali.

    Most of the time, i will lose time and fall back the line during the first 50% of the race. Things only gets better and that is where i plan on my strategy whether to go prime or option to push to gain back the position. I'm struggling but its fun.

    Try to play with fuel sim on because with it off, the performance of the car is quite static which is not realistic in terms of the feel when driving the car. :)
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