Belgium: Promising performance ends with a disappointing double retirement

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    Faster Than Speed showed one of its strongest performances of the season at Spa Francorchamps, with genuine raw pace to battle for a podium position and even challenge World Champion Bono Huis. However, the Belgian GP afternoon would turn into a big disappointment after only six laps, with Patrick De Wit crashing out from 2nd and Karim Wezenberg's race only lasting a few kilometres.

    In the World Championship division, Patrick De Wit set the 5th fastest time in Q1, just 0.138s slower than the laptime of the session's quickest driver, Fredrik Nilsson. In the Q2 top-ten shootout, Patrick delivered another strong lap, taking 4th on the grid, despite being only 0.099s slower than Poleman Huis, in an incredibly close Qualifying session. With Giuseppe Marconi unwell and unable to race, the team called Dutchman Karim Wezenberg in as a last-minute replacement. Not having done his allocation for the race, he had to start from last on the grid. We thank our colleagues at the Skizzato+ team for allowing Karim to take part in the race.

    Patrick made a good start, keeping his 4th position after Turn 1 before going side-by-side in a three-way battle with Morand and Mikkonen on the Kemmel Straight. As Morand cut across Patrick from the outside line into Les Combes, the pair made minor contact, with fortunately no harm done for either driver, trip through the grass aside. From 3rd place, Patrick inmediately put pressure on Mikkonen and after a great run through Eau Rouge and Raidillon, he passed the Finn with ease before Les Combes to move into 2nd place.

    From 2nd, Patrick showed the FTS-P11 had genuine pace to challenge Bono Huis for the lead. However, Patrick pushed a little too far in the process, touching the grass on the exit of Malmedy corner and losing control of his car. Unfortunately, Patrick was then just a passanger, as he heavily crashed into the barriers, ending his race there and then.

    Karim Wezenberg's first FTS outing was also short and unlucky. Having shown very strong pace on the FTS-P11 in testing, Karim was in contention for a point-scoring finish despite starting from the back. However, he felt victim of a car pile-up at Les Combes during the opening lap. Karim had to slam on the brakes to avoid a colission with another car, and was unable to avoid his car from spinning and stalling in the process.

    Patrick De Wit (DNF): "Expectations were a podium today, but I made a huge error. I was way too aggressive to try to keep up with Bono (Huis) in Sector 2 and my car needed a little more track. I ran onto the grass and hit the wall on the right. Luckily, there was noone there. In Qualifying, I knew I could get Pole, but 4th wasn't too bad. In the race I made a good start, overtaking Morand and Mikkonen. Morand turned in on me while I was there, we touched, but no harm done. Then I overtook Mikkonen and tried to keep up with Huis, which seemed to work, before the error. See you at Monza!"

    Karim Wezenberg (DNF): "It was decided just before the WC Practice session began that I would do the WC rcae. I knew I had good pace and would be able to do better than yesterday in WS. Was careful at the start but in Les Combes I saw there was carnage and I stepped on the brake to avoid running into other drivers. Couldn't prevent the spin on the kerb and then my engine died because I was slightly too late saving it. Felt confident I could reach the points, but maybe another time."

    Faster Than Speed now moves to the Monza circuit, temple of speed. Faster Than Speed has many victories to its name at the Italian GP, with Florian Pechon taking the honours in the 2008 WS Advanced race, Christian Smirnoff winning consecutive WS Ace races in 2006 and 2007, and Swaraj Shergill victorious in the 2005 WS Amateur event. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and live coverage from Italy!

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