Belgium 2010 - Three Podiums at Spa-Francorchamps

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    During the weekend of 21st and 22nd of August, GhostSpeed Racing Team conquered three podiums at Spa-Francorchamps, 13th round of Formula SimRacing. First one was by Dimitri De Matos in the World Series finishing 2nd, then in the following day, Mark Aalberts did the same in World Trophy with a 3rd and later Dennis Hirrle crossed the finish line in 2nd in the FSR AutoGP World Championship race.

    Dennis Hirrle, starting from 2nd, had a very similar race to the hungarian round. Again he opted for a 1 stop strategy against Bono Huis 2 stops that allowed him to fight Huis for a few moments in the race. Although this time, Dennis took the lead in the first laps and he was able to keep it for longer than Hungary but it was still not enough to beat Huis. Dennis finished again in 2nd, this time closer to the 1st position, which was his second straight podium in another strong performance.
    Marco Conti, in the other GS car, started from 13th in the grid and finished at the door of points in 11th. Another solid performance by him in his second WC race, bringing the car home again and getting closer to reach the points.

    In World Series, Dimitri De Matos took the lead at the start and almost made his 1 stop strategy paid off, but after a race long battle with the 2 stoppers Stahre and Kanitz for the win, he wasn’t able to defend the 1st postion from Stahre in the final laps. Dimitri with older tyres did his best but he had to settle for 2nd, another strong result from him nevertheless.
    Marco Conti, driving for GS Racing, started from the back of the grid and did another good race to climb a lot of positions to reach 7th at the end.
    In the second GhostSpeed Racing Team car, Karim Wezenberg didn’t have a good qualifying session, only getting 16th in the grid. But in the race, he was doing very well until an incident with another driver made him loose a front wing. Still, Karim kept going and finished 11th, getting some good points and doing the race fastest lap.

    In World Trophy, Mark Aalberts started from 10th but he fell back to last in the first laps due to an incident. He then climbed back up to finish the race in 3rd reaching the podium in a great drive by him.
    For Martin Gosbee, in the other hand, everything went wrong on lap 9. When he was fighting for the top spots with Melim and Mallorquí, he lost control of the car at Eau Rouge and the other two crashed into him. That was the end of the race for the three drivers.

    Dennis Hirrle, FSR AutoGP WC Driver:
    “Not so many laps for this one compared to Hungary, and only made the setup with race fuel, I realized I was struggling for qualifying so two hours before the race I changed my setup allowing me to go half a second faster on low fuel and the 1:43.5 was enough for P2, extremely happy with that.
    I had no idea how the setup would feel in the race, it was okay then but very slippery in Eau Rouge and it almost put me out of the race two times there.

    Other than that, no major issues. Same race as in Hungary pretty much. Bono wasn’t that much faster, again, but a little bit is enough.
    So I concentrated on bringing P2 home, and although my second stint was quite bad for some reason (never tested it) I finished second without any troubles.
    Quite a tactical race this one, I let Prevot pass me to save some fuel and engine behind him, but it wasn’t necessary in the end. I had 10L too much and some engine left as well, but safe is safe.
    P2 is a really nice result.

    Congrats to Bono and Mikko.”


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