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General beginner in modding

Hello everyone, recently I started to get interested in the 3D world and a couple of months ago I started with a blender course. but my fanaticism for Assetto Corsa is screaming for me to make an track, the problem is that I do not know where to start, what tools to use or how the terrain is made (I know how to do it in ue4, but this is not ue4). I would like, if it is not too much to ask, to be guided by this beautiful hobby.
I think this section of the forum is the right place to post this (if it is not forgive me and let me know c: )
PD: sorry for my bad English
What kind of course is that? If you want to make ac track there are tutorials in youtube specifically for track making in blender for ac that go through all the steps. Ue4 can be used for terrain although it is not really suitable for making the track driving surface as it lacks the precision you need for it but for the terrain it can be used although blender is much more versatile tool for it. And for things like grass and trees you need specific naming which is not really something ue4 is designed to export. In the end you are always exporting in fbx and opening it in sdk unless you want to be really really weird and use something like 3dsimed. Basic terrain can be just as simple as the edges of the road extruded wider. For more advanced terrain you can use lidar pointclouds converted to meshes to get pretty accurate terrain for your location.

There is no right or wrong way to start. Just watch all the tutorials you find on the topic and then try to follow the steps in blender. Repeat and you'll learn. Try to get a drivable version into the game of a simple very basic track and then tweak it as you go along. To be able to make a simple track you should search and learn how bezier curves work in blender (z-up and tilt) and then look into the array and curve modifier. With these you can create very good driving surface and from there on there are tons of really good tutorials how to make bumps, trees and so forth. There is also this: https://assettocorsamods.net/threads/build-your-first-track-basic-guide.12/