Been away for a while - Best place to start ?

Not tried Dirt Rally for a while after AMD driver stopped PC starting up for a while. Finally got it sorted out and everything seems to be working without hard crash.

So what are the best car / track combinations to sample the update to physics etc. been away since at least the update before the Germany update, so the RX update and now Finland and new physics - so quite a few additions.


Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
60's, 70's, 80's RWD and 2010-classes is updated with new physics :)
Stages is up to you, to feel the difference, one of the three first countries is good for comparison, but that's your call :)


Seeing as you've been away, you might've missed the news that Codemasters is teaming up with Squad. Dirt Rally is now known as Kerbal Space Rally. Apparently Jebediah favors the Finnish stages.

Arne Dopudja

Leader of the infamous Chevy Gang.
The updated v2 cars with gravel stages are quite good. Tarmac is weird at the moment and ffb is really light since they are waiting to patch the rest of the field to v2 and then fiddle with the ffb.
I went back to the Sweet Lamb stage with the MK2 Escort - I knew that combination from the very early access point so thought it would be a good lace to start the comparison.

This has come on a lot. The FFB whilst a little light was communicative on my T300 GTE and it is now possible to counter steer nicely. Really coming along and will look to try a few more combinations.

Thanks All

Arne Dopudja

Leader of the infamous Chevy Gang.
Also, try greece, I saw somewhere that the roadside bumps and stones have been reworked so its not killing you if you touch them.
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