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Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by gamer19, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. gamer19


    Did anyone of you tried this, should I say, game ? :) It's still in early access.
    Official trailer:

    I play racing games for... about 20 years now (diddn't realise it was so long ago:unsure:) and I, like I'm sure most of us here, was disappointed how badly damage system in ANY of those are. Maybe never-ending-story-Next Car Game is somewhat close, but only close, to this piece of art.

    And believe me, I played all that's worth the try. And, can't help but wonder... how come the big game studios can't reproduce this kind of physic and damage ? Maybe they can but won't cause it's to heavy for our computers ? And the BeamNg.drive IS heavy on computers, have to say this, with my i5 3570K and GF 770 I hit, depends of map, even below 30 frames per second sometimes. That would be my only complain for this game. Simulation I mean. :)
    But it does look pretty, driving through jungle road makes me want to get out the car and just walk through those dense leafs, they look life-alike. Water also look better than in most racing or FPS games, you just have to see the way that ocean moves!

    You can Google it, there's so many videos of this simulation out there, some suggested titles are "fails & crash BeamNG" (funny), "BeamNG vs GTA 5" (amazingly diferences in GTA crude physic vs BeamNG... symphony of destruction!:inlove:).
    You can change, beside car and map of course, time of the day, clouds cover (no rain or snow. for now), fog distance, some other stuff and, wait for it - GRAVITY !?! Yup, this is REALLY amazing, you can drive like you're on the Moon, Pluto, Jupiter!, even SUN or... zero gravity. Earth gravity is always there to come back of course. There's also option to slow down simulation so you can watch you car (oh so) realistically wreck on ground. You don't even have to drive, you can choose zero-G, slow don't the sim then choose, say, Sun gravity, and watch that beautiful symphony unfolds.

    And, this "small" game right from the start recognize my Logitech MOMO wheel. Why is this important to say, you ask ? Because "BIG" and "official" WRC (5) doesnt. :poop: (for that matter, the latest NBA, also "official" won't recognize my game controler properly so I play games with one hand on keyboard and the other on controler. funny huh) This tiny game beats them all. By mile. And FFB feel is, of course, great.

    Also, this game is very modable, there's SOOO many (great) mods for it, here's first two Google finds:
    I think this game is somehow similar (and that's good thing, right?) to Spintires, with it's realistic physic and the way the mods are installed.

    From Wikipedia:
    'nuff said. :geek:
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  2. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 Premium

    I have been looking at it for a long while, but I feel it does need some form of multiplayer before I am considering buying it (or a big cheap sale)
  3. gamer19


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  4. jlnprssnr


    I love BeamNG.drive! The 0.4.3 update last week made it a lot better again.