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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Beam NG Drive update.png
    BeamNG: Drive has been updated to reach version of the unique soft body physics driving simulation.

    Highly moddable and featuring a number of visually impressive locations and vehicles BeamNG has been growing in size and functionality of late. With several sizable patches and improvements released for the game in recent weeks Drive is fast becoming a solid and enjoyable title that continues to grow in popularity within the sim community.

    Following a few initial bugs encounted post 0.5.6 update the developers have released a quick hotfix patch to address some of the new issues.

    A full changelog including hotfix release can be found below.


    • Fixed extremely long vehicle’s loading times (That was complicated to fix. The vehicle loading stalled the GPU uploads and forced them into synchronization with the CPU)
    • Utah: Fixed terrain creating spikes on the eastern end in the tunnel entrance, fixed hole in the map
    • Fixed crash on certain messages from inside libbeamng
    • Improved support tool workflow a bit: added extra field to the support request
    Changelog 0.5.6
    • Added new vehicle ETK K Series
    • Added SMAA Antialiasing
    • New Quickstart menu: control the most important things directly with the gamepad
      It is highly dynamic to what is going on. More things in there soon.
    • Fixed timing issues that could make the simulation run in slight slow motion
    • Fixed engine flooding being partially tied to graphics framerate
    • Fire simulation now uses the dynamic exhahust manifold temperature, fires should happen less often with a cold engine
    • Ability to run the physics with maximum speed. This is the same way bananabench operates – only with graphics. Use with “be.physicsMaxSpeed = true” in the GE Lua console.
    • CPU render optimization for Forest items
    • Vehicle GPU optimizations using compute shaders on DX11
    • Fixed memory leak with dynamic decals/tiremarks
    • Optimized uploading UI to GPU
    • Fixed FPS limiter
    • Fixed skybox rendering
    • Fixed frame limiter always enabled
    • Added moddable license plates (Tutorial here)
    • Fixed vehicle skin slots on child parts
    • Optimized generation of decals/tiremarks on TSStatic objects
    • Fixed generation and render of imposters
    • Improved launcher handle for non-updated OS
    • Added new vehicle: ETK K-series (More variants to come later)
    • Added 3 new hubcaps
    • Make Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) removable on all cars that have it
    • Made door panels optional for Moonhawk and Barstow
    • Fixed various broken link errors in jbeams
    • Official Content is indicated with a small icon now
    • Fixed Large Crusher not observing user defined bindings
    • Added analog input support for Large Crusher (you can now crush vehicles as slowly as you want)
    • Implemented improved ESC 2.0 (WIP), much better control over how cars react to over-/understeer
    • Added damage message when a containing beam of a fuel tank breaks
    • Changed ‘Police’on ETK800 Lightbar to ‘Polizei’
    • 200BX: Fixed drift tires becoming unstable/popping too easily
    • Barstow: Jbeam improvements to achieve better stiffness on front end and body in general, steering flexbody improvement
    • Bolide: Suspension jbeam redesigned for lower rear roll center, better steering geometry
    • Covet: Fixed Okudai sideskirt self collision glitch
    • D-Series/H-Series/Roamer: Fix off road leaf spring suspension over extending after landing jumps
    • Grand Marshal: Fix instability with 245/50R17 sport tires
    • H-Series: Fixed suspension limits to prevent clipping through flatbed/cargobox
    • Miramar: Front subframe less likely to bend, increased Miramar roll cage strength in front impact, fix broken damping tuning variable, fix missing suspension sounds
    • Moonhawk: Steering flexbody improvement
    • Pessima (89): Fixed rear bumper becoming unstable after minor bumps
    • Pigeon: Redesigned front suspension jbeam, added latest leaf spring design to rear suspension
    • Sunburst: Stronger wheel connections
    • T65/T75: remove license plate on frame with cargobox and flatbed configs
    • Tweaked some dash cams to make sure all cars have consistent camera sway when driving
    • Normalized force feedback strengths between cars, improved high speed steering damping to reduce shake while still allowing fast steering
    • Change all cars steering back to dual hydros (less chance of car pulling left or right)
    General Bugfixes
    • Fixed syntax problem breaking the reload function, forcing users to restart the game
    • Fixed OutGauge support. Instructions here.
    • Fixed shifting mode notification spam during recovery and other situations
    • Fixed some settings not being correctly loaded during startup in a few rare corner cases
    • Fixed crash to desktop when trying to pack prefabs in editor
    • Fixed issue with OpenAL that cause to use a very low number of concurrent sounds
    • Fixed per-level gravity not being used correctly on startup
    • Fixed Crash to desktop on strange sound runtime conditions
    Terrains / Scenarios
    • Created Utah tunnel
    • Completed reduction mill building
    • Added details to Utah
    • Fixed shallow water in Gridmap preventing engine flooding in certain cases
    • Added option to allow gamepads and other controllers to work even when window is not focused, as well as force feedback (disabled by default)
    • Added Force Feedback response curves for Logitech G25 and DFGT, and Thrustmaster T300RS and T500RS (reset your bindings if you don’t see the curve right away)
    • Fixed parser of force feedback response curves when finding empty values
    • Modified camera related bindings, they are now categorized together in Controls menu
    • Fixed inability to customize vehicle-specific bindings
    • Fixed inability to disable force feedback in multiseat mode in the controllers of secondary players
    • Force feedback and vibration effects are now disabled during pause
    • Deprecated “Switch FOV values” and “Toggle DoF Zoom” bindings
    • Normalized force feedback strengths between cars, improved high speed steering damping to reduce shake while still allowing fast steering
    User Interface
    • Tweaked Navigation App (now in 3D and with multiple vehicle support)
    • Added vehicle damage app
    • Added visual vehicle damage app
    • New UI app placing
    • Added turbocharger gauge
    • More intuitive apps’ placement
    • Minor bugfixes
    • Updated Main & Loading menu images
    • Fixed TripComputer
    • Fixed Node/Beams Debug App
    • Updated/Fixed Unitsystem for Apps
    • Filter Vehicles in Vehicles Selector for Official and Mod
    • Vehicleselector now also shows pc files
    • Launcher now has a simplistic user interface. Also improved support workflow: It opens the support form after submitting files. You can skip the new UI by using “-noninteractive” as first argument to the game.
    • Added simple AI chase mode
    • Fixed AI bugs triggering when no player vehicle exists
    • AI speedup through the use of quadtrees
    • Added a function to quadtrees that reduces the memory that they need
    • Added Manual Destination selector in Artificial Intelligence Control app
    Terrain Editor
    • Added new terrain tools (‘smoothing’ and ‘align with mesh’ tools)
    • Added holes feature: you can cut holes into the terrain now and drive below terrain as well.
    • widened the editor sidebar from 210 to 260 pixels
    • improved the starting height of the sidebars to fill the whole screen all the time
    • Do not allow the headlights to be selected when selecting vehicles
    • Removed a lot of obsolete sound classes
    • Convex objects now have collision:
    • Added relative camera mode:
    • Improved Node Grabbing: camera will now automatically switch to fixed mode, to prevent grabbing forces buildup
    • Improved vehicle recovery system (Insert key): vehicles will no longer be restored upside down
    Jbeam / Lua
    • More accurate torque reaction physics
    • Added hubTriangleCollision option to pressureWheels
    • Changed support beams to always have 0 transitionZone
    • Removed automatic damping limits on bounded beams. Now, if excessive damping is used on bounded beams it can destabilize them
    • Fixed error in input.lua deserializer when reloading vehicle after having used vehicle-specific bindings
    • Implemented radiatorDeformThreshold, which specifies how much deformation a radiator can take before it actually starts leaking
    Known Problems
    • Torque Curve app broke – removed it for now

    Have you tried BeamNG: Drive yet? Do you enjoy the game? What do you enjoy most about the game? Let us discuss the game below!
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  2. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    My older son is in the process of doing driving licence and (beside rF2 Transfagarasan road with Clio) he often drives this game to upgrade his skills about using clutch and H shifter on those empty island(s) roads.
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  3. jlnprssnr


    More sims should support FFB correction curves, awesome feature!
  4. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    Is this still just a sandbox driving game? ie: are there any single player goals/missions etc yet? I bought it a while back but it was quite buggy, so haven't tried it since.
  5. A3DR


    This was the best update so far! Previous to this frame rates were very unstable (random fps drops) and AA was really bad, now they fixed that and a lot of other issues and the game performs as you'd expect on a mid to high end system.
    There are some "scenarios" (or missions) that allows you to chase other car, or drive around a pre-set circuit with checkpoints, but nothing much. It's more of a sandbox than anything else.
    It also supports mods but there are very few out there, at least quality ones.
  6. aka2k


    Would love to see HistorX on this engine.
  7. Schwud Nelsh

    Schwud Nelsh

    so would you/your son recommend as a good learning tool?
  8. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    Sure, but only to learn how basicly to drive a car with manual clutch and gearbox, how to steer and use throttle or brakes and predict car speed before turns, because he will be alone on the road(s). If you want your kid learns something about the traffic, next step should be Euro Track Simulator, where you need to drive trucks, but overall traffic is really well done and my son use it as a urban traffic driving learning tool :D.
  9. Will Mazeo

    Will Mazeo

    Why not city car driving?
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