BBC F1 Team


Matt Crouch

I think it was merged into the F1 2009 thread rather than deleted (although I would like to say now that the idea of merging all the threads on such a small forum is silly :bulgy-eyes: :silly: and just makes it really confusing to find anything or follow a conversation, same for the logitech steering wheels thread where a load of separate discussions were lost in one big lump... We might as well just have one thread covering every topic on every forum :p ... sorry for the diversion)

Anyway - looks like it has potential. Must be better than the itv team...

Tim Ling

It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work
Aug 28, 2008
I'm glad Brundle's there, and adding ED and EJ could be interesting. Eddie always liked the sound of his own opinion :) Good to see Murray in there too. F1 has missed his prescence. Murray and James Hunt as a commentary team is very hard to beat.

Fingers crossed

Matt Hunt

Nov 14, 2008
Looking forward to going back to the BBC, it's funny when it moved to ITV everyone was "on no, Adverts and lot of silly talk from Jim R" Things did get better lol. While the advert was a pain, the BBC wil have a lot to live upto..

Murry is and always will be MR F1, should be good seeing him back in action from time to time..

Paul Godden

Jun 26, 2008
Murry is and always will be MR F1, should be good seeing him back in action from time to time..
Agreed - he is the voice of F1, and always will be.. Although when he started to get a little older and he made a few more mistakes, it was his decision to step down - and if you remember at the time there was a lot of pressure from the public and the press.

Personally his use of the English language was what made him so special - the real fans didn't mind the mistakes - everyone knew what he meant.. It's just a shame he can't come back and do the odd GP, like the British one or something - alongside Martin.. That would be perfect, the BBC with Murray Walker...... :clap: