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Bazza's Porsche 804 @ Sergio Loro's Rouen-les-Essarts

Yearning for Papyrus' original Grand Prix Legends, I sprung six bucks for Sergio Loro's rendition of Rouen (the original GPL layout; one of two). It brought back memories of Normandy: the incredibly narrow roads, the bocage, the loudspeaker blaring Murray Walker-isms. Staying in character, I first tried Bazza's period-correct 1967 Ferrari 312 (better than Kunos' ver, IMO), but I couldn't keep it on the road. Next I tried a 1956 Lotus 11, but that was too easy. Finally, I tried Bazzza's 1962 Porsche 804, the exact same car Gurney drove to victory in Porsche's only F1 win, at that exact same track. Success! The perfect combination. I can't recommend Loro's Rouen highly enough. Go ahead; spend the $6, you won't be sorry. Ten-lap race setup. And watch out: those haybales--the only actually solid objects in evidence--will kill you.


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