Basshaker question, connection

I got a behringer 1000 2channel amplifier connected to my rig. I use a basshaker gamer2 on the amp, audio out(aux) from my hdmi/monitor. I use simshakerwheels and have also simhub shakeitbass.

Now i bought 2 new shakers with spec:
Technical Data
Power rating: 100W MAX, 50W RMS
Impedance : 4 Ohm
Frequency range: 30 - 300Hz
Resonant frequency: 40 Hz
I would like to have gear shift on the basshaker gamer2 and left and right wheels on the too others. How do i do that?
Sounds like you might need 4 channels. I have the same amp and I run 1 shaker up front and one in the rear with shake it and its awesome.

You if you want more separation / additional unique outputs you need more channels.