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Misc BASE MENU change 2019.12

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do you see the (other) changes in the main menu ?
if no, it seems the file has not used for menu generating
if yes, i cant help you
I'm wondering whether it's possible to change how the tracks are listed in the menu :O_o: if you have a larger number of groups the menu gets real messy...
possible it is, open the responsible MNU
and change it, you can always take a look how it was done in other SIMBIM games
Hi in tracks i have 17 categories, they are so small i have a job seeing them, in some track folders you can set the category so i might see if i can change some to category Add on or Extra.
about track categories

i tried also to change the track list selection, but it seems a little bit hard coded (the radio buttoms list)
only alternative would be show at all, but that's not very comfortable

unfortunately the list box view like in VOLVO the GAME does not work in my STEAM R07 version