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Tracks Barber Motorsport Park (+ Super Truck) 2.11

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Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

Barber Motorsport Park - Barber for GSCEx

Hi guys!
Time to travel to the US!

Here is Barber MP.

Thanks to Scott Juliano for permissions.
All is not perfect here but I think we have a nice update :) . Ramps added in the ST version (see folder ingame), 3x2 ramps.

Thanks to Denis for picture and Gringo for new AIW.

Note : you will probably see a little weird...
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Andreas Knöpke

Let's drive side by side!
Awww this calls for a nice Assetto Corsa conversion, so we can haz cool GT3 races like they had this year in the Pirelli World Championship.:whistling:

Jan Mikuž

Tres bien. Merci, Patrick. :thumbsup:

Very enjoyable track and it looks nicely polished.
The dips/crests are all well done and detailed and the tire skids on the curbs is also a great new addition. For me fps is a bit lower here than normal, but i can manage.
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Thanks guys.

There are a lot of trees here, Perhaps It can cause a lower fps. On my side I test It with mr18 (complex car) , full grid, 5760x1200 all at max before releasing. I did not noticed any problem of fps, sorry if you have some.

I try to solve the weird reflexion at the exit of turn 3 but no sucess for the moment :(


I wanted to note that the original AIW fast line could not be bested. Some major corrections were made to the AIW due to a bug that was found in the TDF. The bug was causing some strange AI behavior and resulted in slow lap times. However this problem did not extend to the exceptionally well done fast line path.

Thanks go to Patrick for the excellent shader / texture upgrades and the original track builder(s) for this great work.

PS... This track supports 21 teams with up to 3 cars per team for 63 cars maximum for any session.

Jan Mikuž

Tried the Retro now and this track really does run very poorly for me. But so do most of the tracks in this game. Rarely i get that smooth 60fps feeling, eventhough the fps counter constantly shows 100+ fps.
I have all kinds of stutter and screen tearing and twitching. Disappointing... :(

I got used to it, though, but on some tracks it's very obvious and disturbing. Like on this track.
Fps is even dropping to 70 and lower. And there's a lot of screen tearing, stutter and feels like 30fps... Tried lowering the detail to high, but then i get this:

specs: G1620(2,7Ghz)/r7 250x/4gb ram/Win7
resolution: 1440x900/75Hz

Jan Mikuž

No, i think they are about a year old. Probably need to update. But the game/engine is old, why should this effect it ? Hm...Anyway, thx for reminding me. :thumbsup:


@Jan Mikuž

Have you experimented with this feature in your PLR?

[ Graphic Options ]
Max Framerate="-61" // 0 to disable, for regular exe only, see multiplayer.ini for dedicated server framerate, new: use negative values for alternate timing
I have 60Hz monitor, and I have set - 60 +1 to limit my frame rate. I believe that the (-) is the important part as the note from ISI suggest.

You have a strong decent (maybe CPU limited) machine for GSC so I feel that you should be able to improve your experience.

+1 to install the latest drivers.

I hope you sort it out, from what I can see here you should get smooth gaming. If any thing you should get perfect performance with only 1 car in game. You should start to suffer with performance as you load more AI (as your CPU will be very busy).

Edit: Can I point out another benefit for this strategy (FPS limit @ 76), as your GPU / Vid card is strong hardware for GSC (I think anyway), Using the frame limiter will free up resources and CPU cycles that otherwise would be used to draw excess frames. However even if you don't limit your frames, make sure to try the negative (-) flag to get and test the alternate timing.
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I have it set at -120 atm.
Ahh OK then in that case try the opposite... remove the negative symbol and try 76 FPS.

I did a bit of research and you are suffering in the CPU department. A good balance of CPU power for your R7 250x would be Intel Core i3-3250 and should be compatible with your mother board. Something to look around for and pick up second hand.

Jan Mikuž

Yeah, aiming at smth like an i5 in the near future. 4 cores more future proof. :)

Btw, i remembered that i should try turning Vsync ON. I experimented with it a while ago, but then i switched gpus and forgot about it. :O_o:
It turns out this is what works best in my case and comes closest to producing that optimum 60+fps picture smoothness. :thumbsup:
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