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Baffled and not a happy chappie


I love this sim it's one of my favourites. Today I purchased the new TCR Cup pack to complete the set. They've taken my money via steam. When I've gone to play the game I find that every single dlc I have purchased has disappeared and I mean completely vanished, It's telling me that I do not own any. I've spent hundreds of pounds and hundreds of hours on this sim and it's all gone. Does anybody have any idea what has happened as this is leaving a rather bad taste in my mouth at the moment. I'm normally an easy going sort of guy but I'm seriously finding it hard to maintain any form of a sense of humour at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated

UMC 22

This is probably an account problem so there's not much anyone here will be able to tell you. Your best bet is to report this issue on the official R3E Support Forum and also submit a support ticket.

Edit: Apparently there's a problem with the servers at the moment. Once that's resolved your purchased content should be restored.
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