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Bad stuttering issues with cockpit views

I'm having an issue with the view stuttering like crazy when using an in car view or hood view. Even when the car is stationary the image is shaking badly. When using the swingman view (outside the car) the game runs fine, perfectly smooth.

My system specs are: Win 7 64 bit, GForce 770 GTX, 8 GB RAM, i5 4670k.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?
Problem has been solved now. I deleted the config.ini file from the simbin/race 07 folder (after making a backup just in case) to let the game create a new one which took away some of the stutter. There was still some stutter though and it was only through sheer luck that I nudged the right analog stick of my controller and remembered that it was bound to look left, right and behind. After unbinding these controls from the stick the image is now perfect.