Backfire.GMT problems

Jan 18, 2009
Im having some trouble getting my backfire to work:struggle:

What I've been doing so far is to export some mapped planar surfaces to 3DSIMED from 3DS Max. The settings I use here is:
-t1 diffuse texture
-No mip map
-Transp: Multiple with alpha=1
-Glass checked
-Animation: EVENT, freq=25, sequence=0,1,2.....

But it doesn't seem to work. Nothing shows ingame.

When I open the gmt in hexeditor the material looks different to other cars. (Instead of, mine reads

Am I doing something wrong here or should I maybe use another software for this job?

Any tips are highly appreciated! I'm really stuck:rain2:

EDIT: Forgot to mention I use three different materials:
Mat. Name:
GMT name: <manufacturer>_<car>_backfire.gmt

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
We'll keep it in case anyone else has a go at it :good:

I mean, not me, because I'm useless, but you never know