Back to triple screen after trying vr ? Why ?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by hgaouar, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. hgaouar


    Hello racers,

    After reading many forums posts it seems to me that VR is going to replace triple. I've read so many posts about guy who say they can't go back to their triple after using VR for few weeks.

    One a fact is that VR is cheaper than a good triple setup. But other things are more a matter of taste.

    Who has tried seriously VR (some hours) and conclude that YOU prefer triple and why ?

    Thx everyone for feedback.
  2. tlsmikey


    I've got both. Just got my Oculus about two months ago. At this point, i think my triples are done for. Yeah, the resolution is better on the triples and there is a little less eye strain on really long races but the immersion is so great and you feel so much more involved I can't go back. I do wish the requirements to run Oculus weren't as high and I wish the graphics were better, but I honestly don't care anymore.

    The few people I have seen move back to triples (i've seen two) gave up after a couple days. Give it a week or two to adjust and you'll be amazed.

    iRacing and AC seem to run the best of what i've tried so far. Outside of racing games I haven't found much that I really like.

    FYI- I'm running an i5 -4690k and 1080GTX
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