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Back in USSR: Bikernieki - First in USSR special complex for motosport.

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Olivers Viva, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Olivers Viva

    Olivers Viva

    Maybe someone can take to build a first fast race track in the Soviet Union?
    Unfortunately, the same is no possibility to build, but would like to virtually ride along this route!
    Perhaps I can help with any information. Currently, the availability of solidarity, but the only version GRAND PRIX LEGEND in the game.
    Think of this track configuration will appeal to users of rFactor. Thank you in advance enterprising and knowledgeable people in this case.
    Olivers Viva

    Available for material:

    http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=6146 (biker68_v1.zip)

    Bikernieki 68 - Circuit of Speed
    for Grand Prix Legends


    Track Location : Riga, USSR.(1940-1991), Latvia (1991-Today)

    Track Type : Permanent
    Track Lenght : 3.662 kms. - 2.276 mil.
    Track Num. Turns : 11
    Track Period : 1966-Today


    First in USSR special complex for motosport. Was built in 1965 in the Bikernieki forest in the east of Riga city. Complex include four different couses: "long circuit" (5495 m), "circuit of speed" (3662 m), "circuit of skill" (3580 m) and "small circuit" (1,7 km). Width of "circuit of speed" 10 m, other roads - 8 m and starting zone - 20 m. Some curves has profile with 1,5-14% cross slopes. The relief of road is hilly, with a noticeable height difference.
    Racing began in Bikernieki in 1966, prior to 1970 for them were used in two configurations: "circuit of speed" and "circuit of skill".
    The "Circuit of speed" was opened in 1968.

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