Ayrton Senna

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What will happen if someone would do that today ? Ban from Motorsport for the hole life ? lol
I can not imagen what will happen if kimi shoots out lewis in brazil and massa wins it
This is a good one, one point for the honesty there.

However, even though I do agree with Senna on the fact that politics should have nothing to do in F1 and any sport for that matter, I'm just not sure that taking Prost out of the track was the best or the classiest way to prove his point. Call me old school, but I personally think that winning the race in a clean manner would have been a much more powerful statement than what he did.

As for the press conference, I do give Senna a lot of credit for speaking his mind, and I cannot imagine anything like that happening today (in almost any sport) without 'interesting' consequences as a result...:D Man, I wish there were more Eric Cantonas out there... Wouldn't the press conferences be more fun???
He was the reason i wanted to start karting back in the days. I remember i used to get early in the morning spinning Geof Grammonds GP on a crappy laptop, before heading to the track :biggrin:

R.I:p. Mr. Senna

Xosé Estrada

I deeply disliked him at the time, and for more I try, I can't like him more now.

Appart from being a great driver, his premature death worked like the best of the marketing campaigns... and Senna had his faults, and was maybe the best at his time, but I would like to see him race against some of the later guys.


Allen Berg once told me a story about a race him and Senna were in (F3 I think it was). Senna was leading the race while Allen was 5th for most of it. Towards the end Allen made a mistake and slipped to 7th. After the race while they were passing in the paddock and Senna asked Allen what had happened to him. Keep in mind this would have been way back so the only way Senna knew Allen didn't make 5th was because he was able to keep track of the 4 cars that were behind him. Pretty cool.

Antony Snook

Just watched a small program on Itunes "Senna the untold Story" Not as good as the movie but good footage. The video footage was replicated. (A scene with Senna sinning Autographs with fans outside a building before a inquest on his behavior was used twice, with alternate cometary)
And a F1 Sim of a car at Monaco that Senna never drove. Its amazing how cars have changed in shape and the Old gauges of the 80's to the digital display of today.

Ayrton Senna: Unauthorized & Complete Story


Emil Praga

You guys should watch Senna (2010) Documentary if you didnt already, its really good, gave me tears 2 times.

Also found the other days something that i believe gives the best explination of what reeally happened in his accident...
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