Awesome cars raise testosterone. No wonder we love this. :D

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    Not really news to some, but getting into a super car or race car raise the testosterone levels. No wonder we men love cool cars - its biological! :) Of course there are strong forces these days who deny biology (social sciences who tries to tell us men and women are the same - even down to biology, lolz). Interesting interview on many things around biology and psychology where this is explained by a professor who is super cool (Gad Saad - love him for his honesty and pursuit of truth) and who wont be pushed around by the idiots in academia these days. The test was that they put several males in a crappy sedan and let them drive, and then they measured the testosterone levels, and after that they put the same males in a Porsche and let them drive it and the testosterone levels went up (temporary/situational). Not strange then that when males get to middle age (when testosterone drops naturally) that they would want a cool car. Something that has been looked at like men just want to be kids again, and well, kinda true because testosterone is dropping naturally, but it is biologically driven after all and not just some choice to become a young stud again. :) Even young guys who have higher testosterone levels get a boost and the test was with young guys, but this is one of the reasons im sure we love this hehe.

    Timestamp 47:42 if you want to hear about the cars and testosterone levels.

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