Automobilista: New Tracks Coming - New Game Annoucement "Soon"

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Reiza Studios have some exciting news to share...

Somehow the little Brazilian development studio have managed to announce even more awesomeness in their latest roadmap release - confirming that the surprise (and epic) addition of Donington Park and Snetterton for Automobilista in the near future, some updates and additional content for the recent rFactor 2 'Reiza Pack' DLC and... confirming an announcement about the next racing title is very close indeed...

Hello everyone!

Time to break radio silence again to bring you some fresh news about what´s happening with Reiza and our projects over recent weeks and for the foreseeable future.

Reiza rFactor 2 Bundle - May Update
As previously announced, we´ve continued development of the rF2 content this month focusing primarily on development of the two additional Imola versions - the 1988 and 2001 layouts, which will be added free of charge to all who bought the Imola track or any pack that included it.

Below a couple of WIP previews - now the rF2 Mclarens will have some era-accurate official tracks to stretch their legs on..

AMS Imola 1.jpg
AMS Imola 2.jpg

There´s also been some work done elsewhere in the pack with further polishing and sorting a few remaining issues - more notably we have added the missing wet tire compound for the MCR S2000 and we are working on adding the turbo model to the Metalmoro cars that feature it.

With the possible exception of the turbos, these updates are due for release later next week.

Automobilista Final Update & DLC
Unfortunately are still struggling a bit to get this one worked out. Without going too far into licensing specifics, here´s a brief breakdown of where things stand at the moment:

Although we have for a while now held a licensing deal for some new cars for our next sim and already have them modelled and in-game, we jumped the gun with regards to extending their license agreement to Automobilista - despite continuing attempts we still haven´t quite managed to make the numbers work and it´s looking unlikely we will manage to, which may force us to pull the plug on releasing this particular pack in Automobilista.

If that scenario pans out however we have put together a good alternative - we are extending our licensing agreement with Motorsport Vision to include Donington Park and Snetterton, and in this one we would be able to release both tracks for Automobilista as part of the AMS Season Pack with no extra charge for those who already own that.

Development for both Donington and Snetterton is already in progress, and we should have them both ready by late July.

I understand such changes are never a good thing specially for something that was announced so long ago, hopefully most users agree this alternative is good value too.

Either way we are set on releasing one last set of premium content for Automobilista along with some minor bug fixing before the end of July.

There is one more thing...
Naturally most of you will be checking this more interested in hearing news about our much anticipated and long overdue new title.... I´m aware we have pushed everyone´s patience to the limit there but good things do come for those who wait :)

After a long, gruelling and sometimes painful conception we´re finally getting ready to unveil our new baby. Stay tuned for an announcement to be made in the coming days on our Social Media pages, which you can access from the links on the top right of this forum.

Once this is out of the way we should certainly have a lot more to chat about again, so look forward to us resuming our monthly update tradition from next month onwards!

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Jul 23, 2015
@Paul Jeffrey great news indeed!
Can you please define "soon" what means?
Are you going to have a interview or sorta?
Would be great!
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Will Mazeo

May 25, 2015
here hoping they'll go with the rf2+lumberyard for the next title if it's possible for more people to license this :)


Mar 6, 2016
just gimme super trucks in vr :coffee:

Automobilista is the gift that keeps on giving!
When I read their comment, it seems that they give us new tracks to help us wait for the next title.
How do you call this? Brazilian Hospitality?
Whatever it is, it's cool! :p
well, we trade new cars for those tracks, not entirely free :p


May 20, 2014
It may be that I am wrong but these clouds (first pic reiza bridge) do not match those of the rFactor2 engine, but they are very reminiscent of the ACC, will Reiza also use Unreal?

Bob Gnarley

Feb 4, 2017
The hope here is that Reiza have been in private talks with ISI for use of a newer iteration of GMotor...Wishful thinking though, I guess.:whistling:

Fantastic news regardless!
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Feb 26, 2013
Would definitely buy a Reiza sim based on rF2. It's a good underlying platform, just needs a fresh start, and Reiza would be the logical crew to get it done.
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M D Gourley

Sep 17, 2015
After a long, gruelling and sometimes painful conception we´re finally getting ready to unveil our new baby.
My most anticipated news of the Sim Racing calendar...whatever it is I will be happy:) it's Reiza Studios after all.:D:D

Marc Collins

Aug 25, 2011
Would definitely buy a Reiza sim based on rF2. It's a good underlying platform, just needs a fresh start, and Reiza would be the logical crew to get it done.
How many person-years of effort do you think a fresh start would require, based on the amount and pace of progress since 2012 on the existing rF2?