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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    Automobilista Mendig Flugplatz.jpg
    Reiza Studios have revealed details of proposed updates coming to Steam Early Access title Automobilista during the month of June, with some exciting looking new items due to join the game.

    Highlights of the latest Development Roadmap announcement include a first view of the new 1960's inspired Formula Vintage open wheel race car and news of further enhancements to the current in game AI. Additional news unrelated to in game content is the new Virtual Xperience portal (VX) developed to further enhance the online elements of the title. Allowing players the ability to set leader board times, compete against each other on official servers and share custom car setups amongst other features should improve the online useability of the title. VX will benefit from further developments due to be released for the portal over the coming months.

    Additional to the previously announced content comes news that the team over at Reiza have secured a licence to bring the fabled Caterham brand to the sim, launching with several models from the manufacturer appearing in the first premium DLC package due to become available post version 1 release in July. The Caterham range of high performance low cost kit cars are an entertaining driving experience and popular throughout the club racing scene in the UK. Coming at the same time as 3 high quality British tracks they are sure to be a popular inclusion in the sim.

    The full Reiza press release can be seen below:

    "v0.9.4 Release
    Last friday we released our latest v0.9.4 update. While this update hasn´t added any new content or features to the sim, there has been some valuable progress in particular to graphics & Artificial Intelligence.

    Alex Sawczuk has been spending some quality time developing the shaders & RGB settings in order to improve lighting & color accuracy across the 24h cycle. The changes are subtle individually but all add up to a noticeable overall improvement - the environment is more lively and the slightly desaturated & bluish haze from previous versions is now gone. The changes are mostly already present in v0.9.41, and along with ilka´s beautiful new sky/cloud sets, make for some pretty nice sights:

    Automobilista New Shaders.jpg

    A lot of man-hours & late nights have also gone into fine-tuning AI performance and behavior in close racing conditions across the board - as a result v0.9.41 features our best, most well-rounded AI yet.

    Road to v1.0

    Things continue to progress nicely towards v1.0, some are further along than others but while official release will not represent the end of new features or content for AMS, we´re pushing to wrap up a rock-solid v1.0 within the next few weeks.

    With single player gameplay now mostly in pretty good shape, focus now is on wrapping up remaining functionality tasks, adding a few more options & ironing out the most significant bugs.

    Multiplayer in particular will be at the forefront for v1.0 - the AMS Dedicated tool is already available for those who own AMS via Steam Tools, and if you are a league runner you may also PM me (Renato) for a free Steam key for the Dedi Tool.

    Content-wise, things are progressing at a nice pace - there´s a good chance the new Formula Vintage series will be added in time for v1.0 (and not post-release as estimated in the original dev roadmap). Below is a preview showing how the 3D modelling is coming along:

    Automobilista Formula Vintage.jpg

    The beta is already up to v0.9.5 and it features two new pieces of content - the Copa Montana, which is the last piece of content remaining from our crowdfunding campaign back, and the wonderful semi-fictional Mendig Flugplatz, a vast scenario roaming in and around a german airport, which will present some very unique challenges.

    Automobilista Mendig Flugplatz.jpg

    Unfortunately we have had a setback with implementation of driver animations as the developer in charge has left the project, so that´s one feature unlikely to make it in time for v1.0. This remains an important development for AMS though and we´ll be aiming to add it post-release.

    Virtual Xperience - Automobilista Web Portal
    AMS Web Portal.jpg

    We´re pleased to announce the Virtual Xperience portal (VX), the place we hope will help stimulate the community´s engagement with & around Automobilista.

    From VX you´ll be able to check the multiplayer lobby and join sessions, register & find a league for your favorite car in a time slot that suits you, measure your hotlapping skills in the AMS leaderboards, join one of our official public servers, share your setups & replays and more.

    The most complex VX module is the AMS leaderboards and its integration with the game, so this is what Luis Miguel, Dave Stephenson and Thiago Izequie who are the headlining this project have mostly been focusing on - currently only AMS Beta v0.9.5b is hooked up with the leaderboards so those who have it can already get your times up there :) We hope to integrate the system into the next EA release as well.

    The leaderboards are linked to the Time Trial mode, which as you may have seen is effectively a practice session run under fixed configurations (but not fixed car setup) - noon time, max track conditions, no AI, no tire wear or fuel consumption - the sole purpose is scoring hotlaps to the leaderboards & future hotlapping competitions. Player times are automatically synced up with the leaderboards via Steam, and you can check how it ranks against the others both from the in-game monitor while running a time trial session, as well as from the Virtual Xperience leaderboards, selecting the car / track combo you´re looking to check out.

    The other VX modules are coming along as well but these will be topics for our next dev update,

    Further good news is that VX should be hopefully nicely complemented by developments being made to the Sim Racing System to better integrate it with AMS -Henrique Alves has presented more info about it here.

    DLC development - Presenting the "Brit Pack"
    AMS Brit Pack DLC.jpg

    Very glad also to confirm the Brit Pack as our initial lot of premium DLCs for Automobilista.

    Besides the previously announced 3 tracks (Brands Hatch / Cadwell / Oulton Park) and the Ultima GTR (both road and GT versions), we will also be adding the MCR Sports 2000 and several Caterham models to the roster.

    As usual our target with AMS is to assemble a package that delivers the most diverse & fun racing experiences possible, and with the upcoming premium DLCs we aim to retain that focus, at the same time expanding into more international & well-known tracks. England is arguably the mecca of european motorsports with some of the most interesting tracks and cars in the world, and the brits happen to make up a sizeable portion of our user base so it´s only fitting that our first premium pack revolves around a sample of their vast motorsports scene. Most importantly, these kit cars on these tracks represent some of the most fun to be had on four wheels, and that´s what we´ll be push to capture in the sim :)

    The 6 components of the Brit Pack will be sold in a package as well as individually via Steam, with prices at release ranging from US$ 1.99 (for the MCR) to US$ 4.99 for each track, or US$ 19.99 for the complete pack.

    You can however secure all this content, plus all the other upcoming premium DLCs by acquiring our membership packs , currently selling for US$ 54.99 (full membership including base game) / US$ 24.99 (membership upgrade for those who already own AMS). Please note that these prices will still be upgraded to US$ 59.99 / US$ 29.99 respectively in time for AMS v1.0 release, so those who have not yet joined in should push not to miss the current pricing. The membership pack also grants access to the Reiza 51 dev forum, Beta development version of AMS, and the chance to try out all this content in advance as they reach beta status.

    Worth noting also that while some of this content had already been announced earlier on, the Caterhams and the MCR 2000 have just been added to the roster - that makes our membership packs pretty smart investing for those who had already bought into it at the original US$ 49.99 / US$ 19.99 pricing, as these extras will come at no additional cost to them (or indeed for those who participated in our crowdfunding campaign last year). With a couple of potential additions to the DLC roster still in the horizon, you should expect us to continue the trend in which the sooner you buy into our offerings, the more value you get for it ;)

    The contents of the Brit Pack are all officially licensed and we´re working in close proximity with the car manufacturers to ensure maximum accuracy; Alex has recently done recon trips to Brands Hatch & Cadwell Park, with Oulton Park scheduled for the end of the month.

    The team is already well advanced on Brands & the road Ultima as you can see below:
    AMS Brands Hatch and Ultima.jpg

    We estimate the initial components of the Brit Pack to become available soon after v1.0 release, sometime in july, with Beta hopefully before the end of the month.

    This about covers it for this June update - this was a big one! We hope you all enjoy the news. I look forward to catching up again in July, hopefully with AMS v1.0 release already behind us..."

    RaceDepartment is the place for all the latest and greatest Automobilista mods and setups. Check out our AMS forum for the latest download links, all the news and discussions as well as our premium club racing events. What do you think of the latest roadmap?

    Is AMS developing as you would like? What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!
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  2. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened

    GoodBye Metalmoro Hello MCR 2000
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  3. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Premium

    Oooh, Eagle Weslake! Wonder if it will be as hard to keep in one piece here as IRL (and GPL)!
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  4. ouvert


    :D .. wife doesn`t uderstand why I`m staring at screen with stupid smile on my face :)
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  5. Tim.E


    Lovely jovely:)
  6. Jebus


    Caterham at Cadwell, I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!
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  7. Tal


    I'm confused, I thought they were supposed to add the remaining cars promised in the kickstarter and then move on to the next title, now it seems they are taking on more tracks and cars?
  8. Dan ONeill

    Dan ONeill

    Yes this is good news, whilst I have enjoyed learning some of the Brazilian tracks for club races the addition of some RL club tracks and club cars will only help the game attract more users in the uk.
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  9. TurcoMaldade_


    the best and most complete sim in the market today.
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  10. ouvert


    Imola/ITALY (historical & modern variants)
    Oulton Park/UK
    Cadwell Park/UK
    Brands Hatch/UK
    Hockenheim/GERMANY (historical & modern variants)
    Hillclimb rally stage (Pikes Peak based) /US

    Ultima GTR
    Truck Racing -based on contents from Formula Truck 2013 (free for those who already own that)
    Aussie Racing Car
    Divisão 3 (Historical brazilian touring car series)
    Group B Rally car

    is what we know (well plus MCR, Catherham, 60 openwheller, Flugplatz) ... there should be 10-12 DLC items till the end of 2016

    in Reiza bonanza crowdfounding there were some cars promised + more that would be result of backers voting
  11. paracletus


    hype levels are increasing for the v12 vintage.
    and the rest too.
  12. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    Big stupid grin here also:).Really looking forward to the coming months,with this amazing sim.Thank you guys:thumbsup:.
  13. David Wright

    David Wright

    Are you talking about crashing it or reliability? The Eagle wasn't very reliable but it never crashed in 1967.
  14. natedogg1867


    Except none of this dlc is the result of the crowdfunding campaign or backers voting. This is solely a decision made by Reiza to further extend the game while they work on Reiza 17. Which is a bit annoying to me as this is only extending the time it takes to get Reiza 17 out... Since they only have a couple track/sound/car guys working on the team. But they have said that all the stuff being added to AMS will appear in Reiza 17. And this licensed content is their first step at having more official content in their next game.
  15. juliel55


    I really would like to see Reiza do something with Championship mode of this game. Have the ability to have compulsory pit stops. Be able to set when you and the AI can pit for fuel and tires, that would be great addition to this already fantastic game/sim.
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  16. P*Funk


    Or its going to make it possible for them to produce the new title more quickly due to steady cashflow. Its understandable given how many of the die hard fans of theirs basically got gifted a lot of free content. AMS in many ways was a relaunch of the current stuff with updates to make it a better sell to people who don't already support Reiza, and licensed British content will definitely draw people who so far have been reluctant to gorge on the delights of South American motorsports.

    Frankly I think its a delight that we get so much active development of the old title while waiting for the new one. Its much better than a total halt to development and a lengthy absence of any developer releases.
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  17. CCKaren


    Reiza17 is also at least a year away, so it's not something to worry about as a potentially imminent title.

    As far as I know some of this stuff is being worked on, certainly making more championship options available in game, 2 race weekends, reverse grids etc. I'd like to see mandatory pit stops for sure, as the real world Stock Car series has them.
  18. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton

    its luvly jubly,


    but i agree.
  19. Augusto Dufloth

    Augusto Dufloth

    How do you change the skies? Mine doesn't look like those...
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  20. natedogg1867


    That's the thing though... originally, it was tentatively scheduled to release in some form in Q4 2016. Then it got bumped to early 2017 (hence Reiza 17), and has since been bumped even further.

    You cannot say that this isnt because AMS' life span was continually increased. Of course planning future games' release is very much TBD (to be decided), and more of a goal than an actual plan, but still.

    Although, Reiza has said numerous times that the developments of AMS are carrying over to Reiza 17, along with much of the content. So I guess this is a bit moot to debate.
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