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    I apologise for the lengthy delay everyone! But, I've finally had some time to update the guide so it's a little easier to read, and hopefully, slightly more accurate :)

    I've uploaded it to the RD Resource manager so it's also easier to update too!

    >> DOWNLOAD <<
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  2. MotherDawg


    Hi guys,

    Chriss, nice work, keep it up, thank you.
    Heitor, thank you, I've been running with too soft bars.

    Now... Differentials.

    You're doing it all wrong! :D

    If one mashes up the "Loud Pedal" coming out of a tight corner, what ever the diff ramp (lock setting), if the rears light up... be prepare to go full opposite lock... wrong driving technique or the style of our sport for the idiots.

    "By limiting the slippage between the rear wheels, the differential can have a profound impact on the car's handling. The rule of thumb is: the more the diff limits slippage, the more the car will tend to go straight or understeer -- --up to a point. On the power side, if enough torque is applied to spin both wheels, the car will snap into oversteer."

    That mean, on a long fast sweeper, at 100% lock, the inside rear want to rotate at the same speed the outside one is. The rear axle wants the car to go straight. 100% lock, the car will not turn. At 0% lock, it will turn all we want but it wont accelerate out of anywhere (smoke show?). Just one more balancing act!

    Setting lock percentage by how the rear end pops out is bad. Wrong driving style. IRL, bye bye rear tyres in just a few laps.
    Always set your diff while driving with your head... not sliding, all wheels well planted.

    To finish, there are a lot of very technical books out there but, for many readers, going through those can be quite harsh.
    Drive to Win - Carroll Smith
    Tune to Win - Carroll Smith
    How To Make Your Car Handle - Fred Puhn
    Going Faster - Carl Lopez

    Many years ago, I learned everything from a little book that was a breeze to read: Four Wheel Drift by Steve Smith. The guide that came with Grand Prix Legend. The people who did not go through it found GPL undrivable. The racers who did... learned to drive.

    Exert: "Alison Hine uses the tire temps to help adjust the differential. Taking a reading coming off the Parabolica where you’re most likely to get wheelspin, she looks at the temp of the inside (RR) tire. If it’s higher than the outside tire temp, which would normally be the hotter of the two, she knows she’s spinning the inside tire, and adds a clutch or two until the temp drops. She knows she’s gone too far when both tires break loose together, sending the car into snap oversteer. Then she removes one clutch the inside tire should now begin to spin just before the outside tire breaks loose."

    *** EDITED ***
    In Grand Prix Legend:
    --- High ramp angles equal Low locking %
    --- high clutch # roughly equal to high preload %

    ---Augmenting preload "mainly" sets the minimum level of locking so you don't get an open diff during the transition between power and coast.
    --- Adding clutches Modifies how fast that transition, that locking happens.


    *** Open mouth - insert foot - echo Internationally ***
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