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Automobilista 2 V1.2.3.0 Update Released on Steam

Hi all, just updated and I have to say that I am very impressed. The 2 Corvettes are phantastic to drive. I was wondering from the first second that my wheel was like another one that I always missed in AMS2. I did not try other cars so far, but the driving feeling is so realistic , I never had this in any other car or sim before. Does anybod know if the also did some changes to the FFB system ? I did not see anything in the release notes of the update. Try to compare with the RSR next which was nearly undrivable when released. Beside that I am totally entusiastic about the coloring of the Corvettes. Look at the silver metallic painting of the street version in the second part of the video. It is so fantastic, I can't believe. Also the "american" style livery is absolutely TOP. It seems to me in general that they did some changes to the colorization of the cars. Also the Mini's and other Corvette liveries are looking better tha ever before. I just did a quick video this morning. Enjoy , have fun and don't be too harsh with critics oin Reiza, they are doing a good hard job delivering more and more satisfying results. Be patient, I am sure that AMS2 is doing it's way to the top of racing sims !
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