Automobilista 2 | Update Is Here

Reiza Studios continue working hard on the journey to version 1.0 of Automobilista 2, recently releasing the second major public build update for the sim.

Build is the culmination of multiple beta hotfix and build releases over the last few days, and should mark a significant step forward in both the way the vehicles within the sim behave, as well as the the current intelligence of the AI drivers within the title.

On the content front, version also adds new layouts for both Snetterton and Velocittá, as well as an historic variant of the centrepiece Interlargos circuit and a first pass at the new photo mode within the game.

Automobilista 2 Version Update Notes:

: In order to ensure you completely reset your build to the latest changes, it´s strongly recommended to delete your MyDocs/Automobilista 2 settings folder and start anew - make sure to callibrate your controller, and that your pedals are callibrated to the complete 1-100 range (some users have reported needing to callibrate pedals twice for it to register - we´re still investigating it).

  • Added Snetterton 100 layout
  • Added Velocittá CD layout
  • Added Interlagos Historic External Ring layout

  • Further updates to rain spray (longer life, draw distance, smaller from front wheels)
  • Reduced threshold for track limit penalties (still subject to further tuning)

  • Implemented initial version of in-game Photo Mode
  • Added back Random Weather option
  • Added vehicle statistics to track loading screen
  • Updated car class colour definitions & added short class name icons
  • Multiplayer Browser: Player count corrected to sort numerically instead of alphabetically; fixed incorrect
  • Lobby Screen: Fixed activation of "Invite" button; added class and vehicle name to driver table column headings; fixed private/password icon showing for all servers
  • Removed redundant session time acceleration button from Multiplayer monitor screen

  • Corrected error in fast damper rates incorrectly applying to cars without 2-stage damping (resulting in overall incorrect or altogether broken dampers in some cases)
  • Updated semi-slick treads on various Caterhams for more accurate performance on a wet track
  • Adjusted carcass load stiffness for F-Vee / Copa Fusca / F-Uno / Copa Truck / F-Classic / F-Trainer / F3 / P4 tyres
  • Removed excessive rolling resistance from wet tarmac & concrete (AI & player)
  • Further revised MRX aero, suspension rates & default setup
  • Adjusted ideal temperature ranges in several compounds (correcting sizeable errors in P4, F-Classic Gen1 tyres
  • Fixed wrong tread width on F-Vee front tyre
  • Fixed F-Classic Gen3 Model1 7th gear
  • Updated rental kart physics (narrower track, rear tyres)
  • Applied Balance of Performance for cars in P3 class

  • Implemented new AI Aggression logic
  • Fixed AI suspension rate issue that could cause AI cars to vibrate violently
  • Slightly Increased AI smoothness when moving laterally (both calm and urgent) & AI simplied tyre peak slip angle, combining to slightly more natural changes of direction

  • Interlagos Historic: Complete art pass
  • Incremental art passe to Oulton Park, Spielberg
  • Updated night lights & fixed flags for Brands Hatch, Imola, Goiania
  • Added period-accurate night lighting to historical tracks
  • Updated Kansai trackside cameras

  • Copa Uno: Added missing lower LODs
  • ARC Camaro: Full field livery update
  • F-Classic:Fixed needle vertex AO, mirror material on LODs of G1M!; Added rear light to G1M2, G2M3; Fixed gearshift lever animation for G3M3
  • Updated wet and inter tyre textures for F-Classics & F-V12
  • Caterhams: Fixed carbon material
  • Roco 001: Fixed gearstick animation
  • Sprintrace: Added windscreen reflection, corrected drift gearshift animation (paddles instead of sequential
  • AJR: Added Tubarão #5 2020 Chevy V8 livery; added chrome parts to v
  • F-Reiza: fixed duplicated livery
  • F-V12: Added new Community Skins
  • F-Ultimate: Updated liveries for Reiza / Milano / Groove teams (logos/materials)


This build features some major physics and AI improvements - it is recommended to reset your setups and AI Aggression setting.

On the AI side, the AI Aggression system has been completely revamped, changing the way the AI evaluates passing opportunities and how that blends with the AI Aggression setting - 50-70% is a good starting point, with 100% almost sure to result in at least some AI-to-AI crashes.

The AI performance range has also been adjusted but as overall callibration is still in progress you may still observe inconsistencies against player performance as you go from class to class and through different sessions and weather conditions - this should be evolving consistently as we progress through Early Access. AI performance on the run-down to the 1st corner and generally over the first lap likewise will still be callibrated further in upcoming builds.

On the physics side, the biggest change is the addressing of an error that was causing fast dampers not to be disabled in cars that didn´t have suspensions with 2-stage damping (pretty much all cars in the game except the F-V10, F-Reiza, F-Ultimate and SuperV8) - this effectively meant dampers would not work right at certain speeds or were broken altogether, fixing this has gone a long way towards rectifying some of the handling anomalities reported since Beta began. While not all will have substantial handling differences, pretty much every car is worth revisiting with this update.

One of the positive side-effects of this correction is that Force Feedback may feel better / more consistent than before, as a result of the suspension now working properly (rather than development of the FFB system per se).

Original Source: Reiza Studios

AMS 2 is available now on Steam Early Access.

Need help making the most from the sim? Head to the RaceDepartment Automobilista 2 sub forum and post a question for our awesome community, who will be more than happy to help you out!

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May 18, 2014
So far I'm really liking the direction AMS2 is going! I've tried the SprintRace @ Oulton Park International and it was a lot of fun. AI is getting better, we're getting slowly rid of the boring train and the opponents are more aware of what's going on (still not defending and not really believable like Raceroom or rFactor2 AI's). There is still lots of work to do in every aspect, but surely I am appreciating Reiza's work. Keep Rocking

Edit: I forgot to say that FFB is at a really good stage even on my G29, you can really feel the car behavior and tyre contact, really good for me :thumbsup:
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Nov 24, 2017
Terrific update. It really has given the game an adrenaline shot of fun since you can now get compelling content out of racing the AI. Gone are some really wonky cars from the runs I did last night, racing the Sprint Cars around VeloPark was a thing of joy, really took me back to AMS1 finally. Camaro at Adelaide went door to door for three corners, F3 at Jerez followed a car through on the undercut, bloody marvellous, smiling from ear to ear, can't wait for further refinements.
Still a bit spongy on a DD wheel, not quite the clarity of feedback of it's predecessor, but oh so close, and a thing of beauty in it's own right once you spend time with it. Thoughts and prayers to those who refunded in less that two hours :D
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Jul 15, 2011
No matter in which stadium the game is, If these or those cars handle realistic or not...
One thing is fact for me: The game like AMS1 mange to have already this unique ffb feeling - this "very alive" feeling with this incredibly tire connection to the road feeling. Just take a stock car on Goiania :thumbsup:
There for i love it already. What i just need is custom championships:inlove: and turn off virtual mirror

OT: Is Goiania maybe the bumpy`iest track in simracing :confused::D ??

Bob Gnarley

Feb 4, 2017
After the update I tried a quick Formula Vee ai race at historic Interlagos. It started well, everyone moving around smoothly but then on a straightaway the car immediately in front zig-zagged left then right and slammed on the brakes. I pinged off the back of him like he was made of rubber. Must have got 200ft of air. It was awesome!

But seriously, while there is great potential here, there is still a long way to go. It was a real nice experience owning Ams1 with regular and constant updates, extra free content as well as the season pass stuff etc. I have every faith in Reiza to knock the "game" out of this sim.

Having done an apples to apples comparison i still prefer the Reiza content in Rf2 though. I prefer the look of the circuits and find the cars are more challenging to drive. Not up for an argument here, just how I feel. Ams2 has it licked on weather conditions though. The atmosphere of the fog and rain is something else...
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Sep 28, 2009
It started well, everyone moving around smoothly but then on a straightaway the car immediately in front zig-zagged left then right and slammed on the brakes. I pinged off the back of him like he was made of rubber. Must have got 200ft of air. It was awesome!
I can confirm the AI still has serious awareness issues. In one race I was alongside cars on straights and getting rammed despite them being on the racing line! On another occasion I was moving quite slowly way off line and at the side of the track, and watched an AI in my mirror jittering around before slamming into my boot for no reason. And they do indeed still swerve about erratically on occasion, again for reasons unknown.

Confident it'll get there eventually, but it isn't there yet. :)

Dave Thayer

Mar 31, 2018
Great list of updates for the game. So far the AMS2 cars and tracks have been wonderful and enjoy it with VR. Looking forward to the new updates as this game progresses by the Devs. take care
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May 26, 2018
once again from very good to very bad, I don't understand why the F1 classics are not very credible, an F1 with 1200hp accelerator at full throttle in the corners it doesn't move...too permissive, too on rails...strange!


Oct 5, 2009
For me, the car-handling took a big step in the right direction with this update. The cars are really feeling more like those I enjoy in AMS1 and the AI are getting much better. Of course, there is still lots of work to do (& testing) but, AMS2 is now definitely becoming a title I really want to drive and play.

The FFB is working really well. I might even say I like it almost as much as rF2's. :O_o: :)

NOTE: Delete your old player-save files to insure best results.


Mar 21, 2013
OK, All IMO, Casual simmer here! Just had a bash, It's like Pcars2 on steriods! Blimey FFB feels great through my crumby G25, I can feel everything going on with the car, Audio is top notch, I feel a few of the lower categorie cars could do with a bit more of a polish on interior and exterior graphics? All in all it's now in my top 3 with AC and ACC, Keep it up Rieza!! Cheers.


May 24, 2013
The AI its still not great , cars slow down , move side to side it really does need to be improved , dont get me wrong i love the game , but i really haven't noticed much of a improvement from this patch , I dont feel the car handling has improved that much since this patch also the slow down feeling when you hit a wall not keen! the brakes still not quite their on the physics, i loved the 1st game and i am really hoping this will get to where that is , i agree with most who have commentated on here this game is great to play and yes their is still allot of work to do and i am sure they will do it , so good luck