Automobilista 2 | Physics Updates and New Content in v1.3

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Nov update available now.


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Quickly tested a couple of cars before I went to work with the new default + setting.
Definitely an improvement from before, the cars now feel like they have 4 tires connected to the road before several felt like 3 in the front lol.

most likely my driving style, but the cars I tried with no factory assist.
Porsche Cup, Sprint cup, Stockcar 21 The base setups could use some tweaks. They understeer on turn-in and are a bit twitchy on exit.

Overall, it is much better and I look forward to spending some more time testing over the next few days.

great to see more players in the lobbies :)
Picked a good time to venture into the game.

Only clocked 3 hours driving before the patch. Then an hour or so after. All in a caterham on nordshleife.

In the last few days I've gone from acc. To pcars2 to am2. Acc felt wooden. Pcars felt too easy to push but fun.

Am2 pre patch felt good. Pushed too hard and it would bite. But something a little odd when grip let go.

Physics changes feel better from a back to back comparison pre and post. I'd settled on my SIM of choice and post patch I feel more sure.
I was giving up hope fore AMS2 but this update is the game changer I was waitingfor.

Finally the Group C cars feel like proper racing machines and not like a spongy mess. I threw the old 962 around Spa and the difference even on the default setup is day and night. Gone are the strange weight shifts and the tires that seemed like they are glued to the surface. I was instanly faster. Not because I was breaking later or going faster through the corners: No I just trusted the car and my inputs translated very well onto the road. It was really a joy and I cant wait to do a proper race tomorrow.
This is what I was waiting for the last 18 months. Thanks Reiza
A big and important improvement. The cars now act a lot better as you come off the throttle or come onto the brake, they appear to have some effect from weight transfer and the differentials do appear to behave more as you would expect. Its genuinely fun to drive now. Its not AC but I think some of it at least is now understeering setups that don't appear to grip up or still grip more if you just crank on more turning angle but its a lot more intuitive to drive now.