Automobilista 2 | January Development Roadmap

Yesterday evening Reiza Studios released yet another tasty look at the future of Automobilista 2, with the January edition of their Development Roadmap posting.
  • Championship tool coming soon.
  • Historic Spa 1993 in development.
  • Lots of tweaks and improvements expected.

Another bonza roadmap post from the mighty Reiza Studios dropped last night, with the Brazilian development team showing off plenty of new and exciting things coming to the simulation over the course of the next 12 months - including a welcome addition of Group C machines this month!

Check out the January Development Roadmap in full below:

Greetings Everyone! Here we are for the first dev update of what promises to be a very exciting year for Automobilista 2.

We have started the year as we left off 2020, with foot hard on the gas and already deploying a couple of substantial updates to bring some important core developments to physics & AI. Along with another batch of general developments, the latest v1.1.1.0 release has also introduced a couple of neat Ginetta G40 variants nicely filling that tin top club racing niche that was still under represented in AMS2.

Even before the update went out, we were already pushing towards some of the steps that will follow in the coming months - let´s take a closer look into those...

2021 Roadmap - Fast, But Steady

As suggested in the last two dev updates, we have been opting to slightly throttle back on our release schedule for new content relative to our original roadmap in these recent updates. We will continue to put more focus towards developing existing content and other core game developments, with new content progressing in parallel and at a more steady but still quite productive pace - current plans forecast a ratio of about 2-3 new cars / 1 track per month for the remainder of 2021 (not to be confused with an equivalent release ratio as some of that content will be part of the larger expansion packs).

For a similar reason we are also going to hold a bit longer on publishing our complete 2021 Roadmap until we have finalized our initial assessment of the planned features and finalized the remaining licensing deals for the content to be released this year, which we expect to take a few more weeks.

What we can advance already is that given this slightly stretched schedule, which will see the release of some content initially planned for 2021 rolling into 2022, we are also stretching the Season Pass term to cover all of our 2022 DLC releases. The Season Pass now should cover everything we have already planned to release for AMS2, not only retaining but expanding its value with some further not-yet announced items added to the overall package.

Even though part of the reason for holding on publishing the 2021 roadmap a bit longer is to ensure what we eventually come to present is a more reliable plan, we´d hope users will still keep in mind as we advance that the roadmap or even the shorter term plans usually presented in these dev updates are still targets that we can elect to flex if we find it necessary or useful to do so - neither the roadmaps nor dev updates should be taken as a commitment to a schedule but rather as a rough overview of our development plans, presented with the intent of giving our users some foresight into what they may expect going forward.

With all this said, we can also confirm we will continue our routine of major monthly updates all through 2021, and we do have some concrete milestones for the next couple of months we can already share - so let´s expand on that

Coming Up in February

Excepting the usual likely hotfix for the v1.1.1.0 update sometime over the next week, our next major update should arrive as usual towards the end of February. Here are some of the highlights planned for it:

AMS 2 Spa Historic.jpg

Our track team is still working on Belgian territory, now taking a trip back in time to retro-reform our Spa-Francorchamps to its 1993 version.

The track was originally supposed to be based on its 1991 configuration, but we´ve opted to switch to the 1993 version thanks to higher quality reference material. Also, although the track configuration remained the same throughout the 80s and Early 90s, the 1993 revision featured some small adjustments to the curb profiles at the Bus Stop double chicane which remained largely unaltered until 2002, and contributed to a better flow of the track in that last part of the lap.

AMS 2 Group c.jpg

The much anticipated Group C Sauber Mercedes C9 and Porsche 962C duo will finally arrive in next month´s update, suitably in combo with its contemporary version of Spa-Francorchamps.

Similar to the GT1 cars that arrived in December, the Group C class represented another golden era in sports cars in history, and these two models were front-runners at its peak in the late 1980s, when it approached F1 in terms of both popularity and performance.

Having the series represented in Automobilista 2´s historical roster was therefore a no-brainer choice, and we are thrilled to see their arrival is finally just around the corner!

AMS Stockcar.jpg

Another much anticipated historical content arriving in the next update is the 1999 GM Omega Stock Car - the last "proper' Stock Car to race in the series before the dawn of the prototype era in the 2000s, the Stock Car Omega was still largely based on its production counterpart which replaced the Opala in the Brazilian market during the 90s. It also shared a lot of its DNA with its Australian cousin, the Holden Commodore.

The introduction of the 1999 Stock Car series will complete our tribute to the prime Brazilian championship on the verge of the 10th Anniversary of our very first title, Game Stock Car released in 2011. Time does fly when you are having fun!

The February Update should also feature some further Quality of Life improvements and fixes, the biggest priorities being to rectify some persisting reliability issues with FFB and Multiplayer.

Later On...

The late March 2021 update will mark the first Anniversary of AMS2 EA release, and we´re pushing to mark the occasion with an even bigger update than usual.

On the content front, the March update will be fairly packed with some very interesting new cars, but we´ll save discussing more about these for next month

Besides another substantial batch of QoL developments, the March Update will finally see the arrival of the highly anticipated Custom Championship Tool - we have again elected to push its release a bit further down the line not only to ensure everything is working well, but also to make a more feature rich release, including some further customization options for weather, track conditions, opponent and class selection which are not currently in the game but that are expected to be introduced along with the tool itself.

We´ll expand more on the above in next dev update, but here´s a small WIP preview of the configuration screen where users will be able to configure their championship rounds:

AMS 2 Champ Tool.png

The March Update will also see some more promising developments to the LiveTrack and Weather systems, aiming further fulfill the potential of the excellent technology we have in the Madness engine. Again, we´ll hold from spilling the beans too soon, but rest assured there are some exciting stuff in store here!

That covers it for January - we look forward to catching up with all again later next month!

Original Source: Reiza Studios

AMS 2 - available now exclusively to PC.

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Dec 12, 2015
Group C... Sweeet! Can't wait. I remember in AMS1, the Formula Extreme had the option to cut off the Halo, I hope they do this again. Without stereo vision that central bar makes it tough to see the track. Anyhoo, onward and upwards, Reiza are smashing it :D


Oct 13, 2018
Any crash physics improvements? Because this is not how momentum works Reiza.
Could improved crash physics or damage model it self has potential to increase directly sales or player numbers? I don't think Reiza will give prioritize to solve this specific problem over other much needed tasks right now. And if these trait comes from core physics of Madness engine, may not be easy to fix.

To enjoy car crashing rather than good driving or racing at this moment, probably BeamNG or Wreckfest and last but not least iRacing is better game for you.


Jan 27, 2016
i really hope they will work on the ffb and the tire model!!
Yeah same, crazy to think Reiza do all these updates and haven't even bothered to work the tyre or FFB in any updates, not even any notes about previous or future updates. Glad I came to this forum to give them a piece of my mind. I feel so good about myself now.
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Terje Helle

Dec 18, 2018
I’m a early backer of AMS2, and have faith in that Reiza will make AMS2 really really great. As it stands now, it’s a fun simulatior, but in my mind not at AMS driving dynamics yet.


In my mind it’s better to lower the base price, so we get more players, and also, roll out DLCs that we all pay for. Reiza can’t live on air and love only.

In my mind it goes like this: A backer is a backer because they a bit of fans, and tea believe in Reiza. So if it was more expensive, so be it.
It’s more important with a bigger player base and that Reiza makes money to keep on the development.


Jun 17, 2011
Looking forward to the Group C and that Stock Car, Classic Spa I'm not overly fussed about but maybe fun and the custom champ tool should be good too next month.

I'd love to see an addition to the SuperV8 in the shape of a Mustang :whistling: that would compliment the series nicely before everything changes next year!

Mainly though for 2021 I'd personally like some optimisations to the base code, anything to help aid VR performance in non-sunny weather (bogs down in cloudy weather quite badly) and a Visible Vehicles setting is very much needed, as having all 20+ cars on display is surely eating away at resources.

Aside that anything and everything Reiza bring to us is great, as ever keep up the good work.


Jan 17, 2021
Yeah same, crazy to think Reiza do all these updates and haven't even bothered to work the tyre or FFB in any updates, not even any notes about previous or future updates. Glad I came to this forum to give them a piece of my mind. I feel so good about myself now.
if you don't have anything to say keep your sarcasm to yourself, the little child is not happy because I didn't say that his play was obvious the poor one...
Sep 20, 2014
If the Reiza guys read this forum, please add support for GeForce Now so we can stream the game. I know 99% of people here will have their own gaming PC, but I don't have anything that will come close to running this game locally. I do however have a fast enough internet connection to play games over GeForce Now. I'd buy AMS2 in a heartbeat if Reiza allow it to be played through that service.

*Yes I know it's not the ideal way to play etc etc but I don't have choice. I manage to play ACC perfectly fine via GFN but I'd love to carry on supporting Reiza after spending many hours on AMS1


Oct 14, 2008
For me the most interesting part is brazilian tracks and cars, so i'm waiting for Omega Stock Car, i think is a beauty car and with great ffb could be great.
I think Reiza must leave european races and add more brazilian cups like sprint car or stock car, other content is just we saw on Pc2, congratulations to Reiza i think they are in the right direction, but please more brazilian content