Automobilista 2 | 1997 McLaren MP4/12 Heading To The Simulation

Reiza Studios have confirmed the slightly delayed new mystery car coming to the simulation will be the epic West McLaren Mercedes MP4/12, as driven by Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard during the 1997 F1 season.
  • McLaren MP4/12 will be added as free DLC content.
  • The car will be released alongside a new build update for the simulation.

We knew a new car was heading to the simulation as part of this final August build update, and now the cat is out of the bag - the McLaren MP4/12 that raced in the 1997 Formula One World Championship is coming to Automobilista 2 - the final McLaren of the slicks generation before Formula One moved to grooved tyres for 1998.

Those of us who can remember 1997 (was it really 23 years ago?!?!?) will recall this particular McLaren had a special trick rear brake system, something that helped the Mercedes powered team to their first victory in Grand Prix racing since the great Ayrton Senna departed the team at the conclusion of the 1993 racing season.

Having found form towards the end of '97, the MP4/12 would act as something of a springboard for the team heading into the new Adrian Newey era for 1998, with Hakkinen catapulting himself into a champion driver for the following two years, while team mate Coulthard continued to rack up occasional race victories as his support wing man at the British team.

McLaren would win three races in 1997 on their way to third and sixth in the Drivers World Championship (following the exclusion of Michael Schumacher post Jerez Villeneuve shunt), and arguably the team produced their most attractive car of recent memory with the striking shape and new Mercedes and tobacco inspired silver livery.

Automobilista 2 is available now, exclusively on PC.

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Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
May 21, 2013
That is an interesting car to race, which Reiza formula/classic car model should we race it with?
The skin looks bland, it deserve better.
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The GT Formula

Aug 25, 2009
I'm going to sound old now... but I saw this car at Silverstone and perhaps even Monza back in the day.
I too remember they banned cigarette advertising and they had David and Mika on the side pods.
Cars sounded terrific back then, you felt them. A proper visceral assault on the senses.