Automatic Steering Rotation AMS modding

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Sam Smith, May 18, 2017.

  1. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

    Now for the next feature.
    Automatic Steering rotation.
    I add the following under the [CONTROLS] section of the HDV file.

    SteerLockUserSetting = 4
    SteeringRotation = (360, 10.0, 10)
    SteeringRotationSetting = 0

    The following is taken from Renato when this was added to the game...
    SteerLockUserSetting=4 // Default steering lock setting (applied when CUSTOM USER ROTATION is set to YES);

    SteeringRotation=(360, 10.0, 10) // Rotation settings (when CUSTOM USER ROTATION is set to NO) in degrees - minimum rotation, increment per setting, number of settings - so in this case minimum rotation is 360º, each increment adds 10º, and there are 10 settings (ranges from 360 to 450º)

    SteeringRotationSetting=0 // Default setting for the car (0 means default is 360º)

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  2. MotherDawg


    Nice info, thank you Sam

    But I have a problem with it...

    I run an older wheel that does not even have 360 degrees of rotation. Many people out there are "stuck" with wheels that don't even go upside down.

    There is no downside to set a lower minimum.

    A SteeringRotation=(200, 10.0, 75) would make a mod feel real nice to a broader range of simers.

    It's logical to give a mod the ability to meet the widest possible range of needs.


    P. -S. I acquiesce that I need a new wheel but, nobody can tell anyone to go spend their money.
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    A couple of points

    1) Sam's quoted example is just that, an example, rather than the standard or minimum needed.

    2) As far as I'm aware, there are wheels that run less than 200 degrees, so by your own request you should knock that down to 180 as your first value (or as low as the lowest wheel rotation is).

    3) There is a built in option within the games options to overide the rotation setting in which you can set a fixed steering rotation (as low as 90) so you shouldn't need to lower it in the .hdv below a realistic number for the vehicle you're modding.

    options>controls>settings>auto steering rotation (off)

    and set to the max rotation of your wheel. It can also be used by those that want to force a consistent rotation across all vehicles despite their wheel supporting a realistic range e.g 360 degrees on cars locked to 900.

    Therefore there's no need to lower the SteeringRotation= value, in my opinion.
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