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[AutoGP WC] Rd. 12 Hungaroring Press Conferenece.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Muhammed Patel, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Muhammed Patel

    Muhammed Patel

    “And now it is time for the Auto GP Formula Sim-Racing World Championship press conference…”

    “Precision Motorsports Bono Huis won the Hungarian Grand Prix, finishing second for GhostSpeed Racing Team was Dennis Hirrle. Rounding out the podium was SB Motorsprts Mikko Puumalainen.”

    Q: “Bono, how was your race?”
    Bono Huis: “My race went perfect, the whole weekend was perfect. The only threat was Dennis, who had a very good start but I took some risks to pass him in T1 again, it’s very crucial obviously to lead here in Hungary after lap 1. The move was necessary for my strategy, I was on 3 stops which was definitely the best strategy for me, so I had to be in the lead after lap 1 and fortunately I managed that. The race was pretty easy after that, after passing Dennis in the 3rd stint I knew I would win if I didn’t make any mistakes so I took it pretty easy after that.”

    Q: “Dennis was on a two stopper, did you think he could be a threat?”
    BH: “In the first few laps I was increasing the gap quite easy to Dennis so I wasn’t too worried about him, but towards the end of the stint the gap stayed the same and he was gaining sometimes too. So I was starting to get a little bit worried, especially when I saw that Dennis was on 2 stops, while I was on 3 stops. But fortunately Dennis didn’t gain much time when he had the fresher tyres so he was no threat in the end.”

    Q: “Twister Racing were off the pace, and with Bruno getting no points, surely it will be difficult for him to gain 54 points in the remaining races.”
    BH: “It is quite a comfortable gap, and with Bruno not racing in Spa I can increase my lead again, but everything can happen, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

    Q: “Dennis, how was your race?”
    Dennis Hirrle: “Considering this always used to be one of my worst tracks, P2 is a fantastic result, looking at where I finished in the last races. Some guys deserve a special thanks because they’ve made me realize what I was doing wrong all the time with this car, which is very different to last year’s.
    I think I could have had Bono after the start, my getaway was really good, but I had only one lap in warmup to try the car with race fuel and so I didn’t want to risk too much. Then, I thought the battle with Hähnel was going to be hard, but when I realized him and Tali being on three stops while I was on two, I was pretty sure about finishing second. Only in the last five laps of the race, I guess, I had some visibility problems, I wasn’t feeling so well this day. But as I had to save my tyres anyway, I could just cruise to the finish line.”

    Q: “First time on the podium for 2010. Can you maintain this for the remainder of the season?”
    DH: “In principal yes, after changing my driving style for this car, I’m simply faster now. But the AutoGP WC is very, very close, so if you have a slightly bad qualifying, and by that I mean being one or two tenths off, you’re stuck somewhere and mostly that’s it. So we will have to see, but I’m looking forward to the next tracks for sure.”

    Q: “Strategically you finished second today, fair comment?”
    DH: I would have finished second in any case to be honest, with two or three stops. Actually, I had a chance of winning even, looking at the first stint. Once Bono was out of the dirty air I could follow him without too many problems, and I was confident my car would be getting even better on the lower fuel loads. The result says I’m 22 seconds behind Bono, but that was also because I was stuck behind Hähnel and Tali in the second stint, and had to cruise a lot to save tyres and sometimes fuel as well. Realistically the gap would have probably been just five to ten seconds, so that’s good.”

    Q: “Mikko, how was your race?”
    Mikko Puumalainen: "It went very well, I didn't really know what position I would be driving for until the end of my 2nd stint when Hähnel and Tali caught me. That's when I realized a podium was possible and then I just tried to drive as fast as I could and avoid mistakes.
    Mission accomplished!"

    Q: “7th in the championship and 21 points behind 4th place Jaakko. What is your aim come
    Abu Dhabi?”
    MP: "My team manager (Roy Kolbe) pointed this out to me before the race as well. However realistically thinking, I believe defending the 7th position is the best I can do."

    Q: “With there only being a 1 week break to Spa, could this result in an unusual grid?”
    MP: "The positions at the top might shuffle around a bit, but not too much I don't think. If anyone is going to stop the Precision winning streak, I believe it's going to be Dennis Hirrle on this track."

  2. Roald Reurink

    Roald Reurink

    Nice one Patel! Hopefully they add it on the FSR to!
  3. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues

    Well done!
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