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Autocross race weekend

Gary Horneck

Sep 20, 2013
This weekend I raced in a NCCC (Corvette National) Autocross here in Huntsville, Alabama. This is my third year running my BMW's in their exhibition class. We get 14 runs a day, the Corvettes are in a points race for end of year championships. They race around the U.S. at all the major race tracks, and this is the last stop on their schedule. I ran my 2011 BMW 335i and was 2nd fastest on Saturday, and 3rd fastest today. The Vettes are running race rubber and highly prepped, but I smoked almost all of them with a stock 300hp car. Missed taking the FTD yesterday by .423 secs. They were shocked. I was in the groove, all clean runs, front tire 12" off the ground, and not one mistake. Sims help keep those synapsis that you need for high speed driving active all the time, without sims I would be fast, but not on fire like today.

Day one best run
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