Released Autódromo Elías Cabello Bosch 1.0


Hi, everyone,

I finally got to upload my first track onto RFC! I lost my RFC virginity!!! :smile::smile::smile:

Credits, as you will see everywhere that I got a chance to write them, go to Piddy, of course, to all of you here at for all your XPacks and answers to my noob questions. Without you it literally would not have been possible. I know it sounds cheesy, but there's tons of things that would have taken me years to figure out by myself.

Credit also goes to MZK eRacing and Escuadrón69 for providing a lot of inspiration, feedback and support.

Here go some pics. I am already thinking about version 2.0, where I will redo some of the textures and objects to make them more realistic. For the time being I've focused more on building an enjoyable layout that is challenging and has different types of corners. I was planning on using it as a test track for new mods, hence the need for hairpins, chicanes, fast sections, twisty sections, blind corners and braking points in the middle of corners, as well as a long(ish) straight.

The track is apt for any kind of car, of course, but it is best for something like a Mégane or the DTM. F1 are a blast, especially in the last section (you've got to be very precise at about 280 kph/170 mph!), but I think the track is a bit too small for any meaningful overtaking.

Hope you enjoy it!

GRAB_861 (1)..jpgGRAB_863 (1)..jpgGRAB_869 (1)..jpg

And the download link:
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