Aussie V8 Supercars @ Mosport 1977- Tuesday June 1st, 2010

Eric Nelson

Entry list:

  1. Yves Larose
  2. Sam Ventura
  3. driver
  4. driver
  5. driver
  6. driver
  7. driver
  8. driver
  9. driver
  10. driver
  11. driver
  12. driver
  13. driver
  14. driver
  15. William Nowell (maybe)

Sam Ventura

Sign me up I might be running late cause I got a meeting and it lasts around 9pm est. Was going to run the spa race but a friend stopped by lol.

Jarrod Keen

Totally missed this one. Was this supposed to be A1? Now I'm confused. I can't really drive on tuesdays but I would give it a try if it is mosport.
I will try to get it up and running, will be more of a test for me as I have not tried these before! Just downloading now...

Sam Ventura

That was a good race to bad I had damage and could not turn in rd1 and in rd2 I tried manual pitting and the guys were on a coffee break. So I watched rd2 in the pits and that was a hell of a race between yves, stefan, and brenden. Nice racing.
I joined just as the session switched to quali. So I ran with a complete default set, which was far from perfect. I qualified 4th out of 6 on the grid.

R1: Got a reasonable start and gained one position as Tyler bogged down off the line. On Lap 2 or 3 I was gifted P2 as Brendan ran wide off the track in T2. I then had a long battle with Tyler. I had the feeling he was a fair bit faster than me, but as we took turns making mistakes, the gap remained fairly consistent between us. I eventually ran off on lap 13 I think and gifted P2 to Tyler. Finished P3.

R2: Started from P4 again and got another decent start, but couldn't really take advantage of it as the narrow track saw me stuck behind the two ahead. I passed Eric coming into T3 as he ran it a little wide. I really hadn't planned on passing there, it just kind of happened. lol. The following lap Ventura ran off in T1 and I was gifted P1. As Tyler and Yves were battling for 2nd, I was allowed to build a bit of a gap, which Tyler promptly closed. We then had another long battle and I was doing all I could to hold on. Tyler was clearly faster than me and my crappy default set. On L12 Tyler was getting anxious to get passed as Yves had once again closed the gap to us. Tyler got a run on me out of T3 and attempted a pass around the outside of T4. I had to let off to avoid a collision and Tyler went passed. I then got a little to close and gave him a bit of a love tap in T6 sending him off. This also caused Yves to hit me, sending me off. So sorry to the both off you. After leading nearly the entire race I was rather desperate to hang on with a clearly inferior car. I rejoined about 2 seconds or so a head of Brendan and was able to hold him off to the line. Finished P3 again.

Eric Estes


Didn't qualify close to my fastest practice lap so started shotgun.

R1: Got past Sam V when he went off, and spent the rest of the race trying to stay ahead of him. He was making ground early, then tailed off the last 4 or so laps. Practice sessions had put me at 1.6l per lap, so I figured that 31L was plenty. Unfortunately, race was 2.1l/lap, so at the start of L15, I pitted for fuel. As with Sam, they guys were out for coffee. Had to take a DNF to escape pit road purgatory.

R2: Smooth race, got past Sam when he went off in T1, and spent the rest of the race around 10 - 12 seconds back of Brendan. 12 of the 15 laps were in the 1:21's. Slow but steady.
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