Aussie V8 Supercars @ Brands Hatch 07- Tuesday May 11th, 2010

Eric Nelson

Now this just might be a real test for you to try! Massive horsepower on this skinny track ? yeah thank your lucky stars it isn't a wet race! LOL

Eric Nelson

Entry list:

  1. Peter BArtfai
  2. Dennis Phelan
  3. Yves Larose
  4. Tyler Scurlock
  5. Eric Nelson
  6. driver
  7. driver
  8. driver
  9. driver
  10. driver
  11. driver
  12. driver
  13. driver
  14. driver
  15. driver

Eric Nelson

No poker tonight so I am in I'll really have to deal with that "super patch" for the cars......................

Eric Nelson

ok I loaded up the super patch and stil don;'t see any "differential gearing" options. Am I stil missing these files or has this mod ben detuned to a single diff ratio?

Yves Larose

Eric unzip this file then copy the SVM and only the SVM files not the folder into the track folder in " My documents/Simbin/Race 07/Usedata/carsetups/2007_Brands_hatch . now you should see them ingame in under file in the setup page if not my best guess is that there is something wrong with your install.

Edit: the patch doesn't countain the default setup it comes with the first version of the mod that is in the top post, the only thing that the patch allow is for online play so the Holden can be choosen.
Sorry but I am getting very sleepy now and have to take advantage of it and go to bed before it passes and I ruin a good chance of decent sleep.
So I am out, after all.

Eric Estes

Welcome Glen - I'll give you someone to race with. Eric - sign me up, please.

... so much for that theory - I'm clearly outclassed by Glen - but welcome nonetheless! :cool:
Q: 3rd
Race 1: 2nd, not much happened
Race 2: quite a bumpy start, got hits from both sides (car looked nice after that LOL), then had a several battles during the race, I think it was lap 9 when I managed to get into P2, and stayed there!

Finished 2nd overall.

Well done to Yves for being unbeatable in both races!:)

Thx Eric and RD for the race!
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