Aussie V8 Supercars @ A1 Ring - Tuesday May 25th, 2010

Entry List:

  1. Stefan Werner
  2. Yves Larose
  3. Glen Kabis
  4. James Fellows
  5. Dennis Phelan
  6. driver
  7. driver
  8. driver
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Glen Kabis

Sigh, game locked up and then all my textures were messed up when it decided to come back. Think I'm gonna give up on this mod, seems way too buggy on my system. Was a fun race while it lasted Dennis, thanks!
To bad Glen. Are you using a nVidia card? They are notorious for graphics glitches in Race 07 for some odd reason. Hope GTR3 will be a bit less buggy.
I enjoyed my first outing in these. Bit loose at times but they seem to be very forgiving. Decided to use the Ford to make it a little more interesting as everyone else was in the Holden. Qualified 2nd but 1.5 secs off Yves. With 5 of us it was a bit naff as it seemed most of the time we were racing by ourselves.

Came 2nd in both races, first one I lead between T1 and T3 but coming into T3 I thought Yves was coming down the inside so I took a slightly wide line. As it turns out he wasn't but he still went past :frown: Stefan was then behind me but he only put a little bit of pressure on me but most the time he was 3-5 secs behind until the end.

Second race was much of the same. Everyone ahead of me went wide at T1 again but this time I was too far back to go into 1st. Coming into T2 I touched the grass and my car wouldn't stop so it was a hairy moment but I managed to just stop before sending Yves into orbit. From then on it was me by myself. Made my first real mistake round T2, spinning, later on but I held for second.

Was a shame there wasn't more people but like with the DTM cars, these are a good laugh so I probably race them again in the future.

Jarrod Keen

dtm cars are awesome James... tuesdays are no go for me but sundays are a go and last time we had lots of folk there.... also, I LOVE THIS TRACK. was bummed to miss it.

OOPS, these aren't dtm cars... you guys were in the v8 supercars. Sorry
I was really happy when this was over. While the car felt great in practice, come quali it all fell apart. I was fighting with massive under steer for the remainder of the event. I was able to pull on James a bit in the first race, but went off and pretty much just had to settle for third. In the second race I didn't even bother to try and catch James. The car just wasn't enjoyable to drive. I went faster in practice with race fuel, than I did in quali with just 10 liters of fuel. Just to give an indication of the night and day difference in handling between the sessions. Better luck next time I guess.

Dennis Phelan

Glen, What I've found works best, if you want to stay in the race, is to use Alt/Tab and leave the game and then come right back in. Graphics will be restored and you can continue. Don't forget to hit the brakes till you come to a stop it saves on the damage!

I couldn't get within a second of the time I acheived the last time we ran here and it took me forever to get a decent lap in, terribly frustrating.

Racing was dominated by off's more than anything, Glen and I swapped off's just to have some close racing, lol! Seriously, he was gettting faster as each race lap ended. I just wasn't into risking anything , too tired, too many races lately.

Thanks Stefan and RD.
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