Audi's and AMR-1 WEM & Lola B09/86 Mods

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Gary Jibb, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Gary Jibb

    Gary Jibb

    Has anyone got the Lola B09/86 mod working? Is it any good? I can't get mine to work and I REALLY want that car, but Enduracers feel.
    Also, does the World Endurance Mod just suck or is there a problem with mine? I'd really like to play with the AMR-One, R15, R15+ and the R18. The sound on the R18 is ridiculous and sounds like an electric vehicle and the braking seriously sucks on all cars.
    Any input would be nice, just don't rever to me being the problem. Don't just ask for the mod links either, find them yourself. And if you haven't used them, your input isn't worth while ;) I'd probably give them to you actually.
  2. M1GHTY M4VS


    It would be the wrong place to discuss them here, ask at where you got them if you have problems. Besides I've got no significant problems other than Shader Problems on one of the B09/86, feeling is very enduracers like if you use Dave's version, the WEM feels not too EnduRacers but isn't too bad either.