Audio chat Needed!!!

Sep 23, 2017
Regular chart is unusable in VR. Is there any apps for assetto Corsa available? Something like push to talk like in iRacing or conference call in the game between chosen drivers? Racing with friends online in VR would be much easier to communicate using built-in microphone. I would gladly pay for that kind of application
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The James May of Simracing
Aug 2, 2015
If you're racing with friends, why not use teamspeak or Skype, or Discord?

If you're racing with a bunch of random guys, there is no need for a voice chat. iRacing has one, and all people do is cuss at each other for making stupid moves and asking for the correct fuel load while on the grid :)

Brandon Wright

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Nov 14, 2014
Discord seems to be the new choice for voice-chatting, and I'm a convert. It's Teamspeak and then some, I literally use it all day everyday for text chatting with friends, organizing races or cruises, talking about motorsports, sharing pics/links, and then voice chat in the server in the evenings. You can basically create your own little forum inside it and invite your friends to join. A pretty powerful app, and it's free.