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Audi TT Sport Cup 2015

Cars Audi TT Sport Cup 2015 1.0

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syncmaster submitted a new resource:

Audi TT Sport Cup 2015 - Scratch-made model by Tommy78

View attachment 103995

  • Contains almost all currently features, such as animation (driver), damage system, FMOD sound,
  • Push to Pass System (P2P) physical & visual, Daylight
  • Contains the 2015 real liveries (19) (Guest driver liveries not included)
  • 3D model and textures: Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78)
  • Physics: Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78)
  • Sound: Lukas Möllmann
  • Sound2: contains another internal and external sound, you need...

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I think the wheels are to much in front...
Isn't the real TT Sport Cup Car a AWD car? Trying this mod, I feel like a front wheel drive car. Am I wrong?
Edit: There is a Front wheel drive version.
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Great mod, There is an application that can display the push to pass level? Because I don't use the inside drivers view.
Great mod, thanks!

Could you fix your Audi logo in Assetto Corsa please? It's not the official logo provided by Kunos (licences from Audi), and it should be 128x128. As it is now it's too large in the list and overlaps the next logo.

It's just the matter of replacing audi_tt_cup_2015/ui/badge.png with the correct one, for example in ks_audi_r8_lms, ks_audi_sport_quattro, or ks_audi_sport_quattro_s1 (I wish there was some consistency in the directory names, those should start with audi and not ks...).

It also needs an update for 1.3.

Not sure the author is still around though...
Yeah...this is a nice car...the problem with car mods for AC is that they are very rarely updated which is a bummer considering Kunos update their tire model very often.

You can do it by yourself. Just use Tyres data from a similar Kunos car.