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MyTeam Audi sport Myteam package 1.0

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MyTeam items for the F1 games

Lesley Buurlage

CEO Northern Lions Esports simracing department
Lesley Buurlage submitted a new resource:

Audi sport Myteam package - commisioned Myteam package

Represent Audi in F1 with this Myteam package

included are:
-driver suits and gloves
-paddock building
-pit(crew) textures
-custom driver numbers (Audi style)

Commision by @Kevin Amankwah

original design by Daniel Crossman (@dnlcrssmdsgn on twitter)

For proper team colours use the following:

Primary color: pure black
Secondary color: pure white
Tertiary color: pure red

Enjoy :)

PS: If you think this is a copy of @Steven Poirier 's work...

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can someone help me with how this works i tried to look it up from yt videos but they are also so weird and i follow the steps but it wont work