Audi Red Bull Racing (FULL TEAM PACKAGE)

Skins Audi Red Bull Racing (FULL TEAM PACKAGE) 1.2

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Eur3ka submitted a new resource:

Audi Red Bull Racing Fantasy Team - Audi have partnered F1 team Red Bull Racing


This is my first mod guys so I hope you enjoy.
AUDI RED BULL RACING FANTASY TEAM is inspired by Carrino Elaborazion Grafiche's design.
His blogs:

"Red Bull were tired of falling down the pecking order with...

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Eur3ka updated Audi Red Bull Racing Fantasy Team with a new update entry:

Added garagecrew.erp & incardriver.erp

garagecrew.erp includes:
  • Garage crew uniforms
  • Team tablet
incardriver.erp includes:
  • Driver uniforms
  • Driver umbrella
  • Driver caps
I feel like I should do a 'how to' for editing the language file as some of you may have edited it already.
  1. Download Petar Tasev's Ego Language Editor
  2. Open F1 2016 > localisation > language_eng.lng in language editor
  3. Edit > Find > Type...

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