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Audi R8 Production @ Crystal Palace - Wednesday May 6th 2009

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Freddie Besems

Feb 28, 2009
thx Yves, for turning the race on again.

earned my 1st point by getting 8th place.

made 2 pitstops, could do it with 1 less, but wouldnt effect the 8th place in this race.

i was to slow.

Stephan thx for last minute setup. i was i think 2 seconds faster than practice.
(1.55 still to slow)

Kieran Mcgeachy

Thanks for lettin me join so late yves

Race, 1st time driving these cars

Crash and burn constant 1-5 laps ;( PIT PIT PIT about 6 or 7 times till the 34th lap. then kept goin really well to the end knocking my times down to a 53.3 was chuffed, really enjoyed these cars wish i signed up earlier and had some practice.

Sorry to all when i crashed and tried to reverse out like a noob i am not looking and cause any accidents.

Thanks to Yves and RD for the event.
Apr 8, 2009
Qual 7th finished 5th, could see that Lewis was catching me and I was lucky he made a mistake or I would have finished 6th.

I bumped the wall with Yves behind me, he avoided me but then got hit, so sorry about that.

Was happy with my race, constant 53, 54 second laps all the way through and a good stop.
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