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Audi on ICE


Ariff Roose

Ive been driving the R8 around Nords and I have to say, it feels like its on ice. I dont like driving it.It seems to lack an edge and the suspension feeling from the M3 E92 and the Viper SRT.

Anyone felt this yet?

I set a time of:08:02.312
With full TC, ABS and ESP and I was stuck spinning around in circles at some corners!:thunder:
I'm quite slow around the Nords and even though, it seems to be slower than the M3 E92.


Just something I wanted to see about your comments on the car. Thanks:qq:

James Yates

Feb 19, 2008
The R8 is a road car on trackday tyres which explains the difference in handling. Its probably slower than the other cars you tried because the M3 isn't standard with the game and therefore isn't likely to be as realistic as the R8.