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When I drive the Audi at Monza the car feels great. The steering and braking is smooth. However, on any other track, the steering is herky jerky. sometimes almost un-driveable with any quickness. It's really weird. Setup doesn't matter. Monza it's great, everywhere else it's jerky and not much traction. Weird.
Anyone experience this?


did you check cars setup ? could be that on monza default on is better ... for me just like other GT3 cars Audi is super grippy but I never tried it on monza if it is grippier ..

Ace King

To have a accurate comparison with grip levels on the tracks you tested you would need to be sure the track temps were the same. Another note is that each track's grip feel is determined also by other factors such as off cambers, tarmac and surface bumps and is why you usually need a different fine-tuned setup for each track that will provide the best track time possible!
I meant to reply here sooner. I deleted my profile and that fixed the problem. I don't save setups through the garage anymore. Just the tracks. The car works everywhere now. No weirdness. It wasn't so much the grippyness, as it was the snappiness. It's all a thing of the past. Thanks for everyone's input.:thumbsup:
When I mentioned "snappiness" I didn't mean azz in front of head...LOL, I meant rubberband steering. It was weird. Sorry I wasn't more definitive.
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