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ATTENTION REQUIRED - Possible Broadcast Issue

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Lee Morris, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Lee Morris

    Lee Morris

    Hi, been driving the new track last few days now and noticed a bug but not sure if its just my machine or not.

    If your sat in the pitlane after pressing the race button (and if you have not pressed the race button and watching in the window to thr right hand side of the screen) when your watching a car on track the outer track textures dissapear.. trees gone everything..

    Now this could be an issue for the broadcast as the broadcast car watches from pitlane obviosly..

    just thought id point it out so it can be sorted before the race weekend :)

    Cheers, lee

    P.S it also seems that if you drive out of your garage by say 1 meter over the pit garage line it then draws the textures perfect..

  2. Henri Viirok

    Henri Viirok

    Are you running High/Full circuit details? If no then there is the problem, if its Low/Medium then it removes the grandstands and so.
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