Attention all track builders. Wiki?

Builders, whether you are a seasoned pro, with tracks in the rFactor 'HOF', or with a fresh 'BTB EVO' license and not a clue on how to start, you're going to have questions- lots of questions. With so many sites to go to to find the answers to your question(s), it can sometimes be frustrating to search through forum after forum after forum. You end up winding your way through conversations, rather then specific answers.

What I am proposing, (with permission from RD?) and asking for opinions on, is a single site, in 'wiki' format, where you can easily search out your answers, with keyword hyperlinks, quickly and easily, while adding new information along the way.

Following the 'Wikipedia' format, I have created a wiki with multiple topics, covering everything from BTB all the way to CS4 and 3dsMax. What I am hoping will happen is that as users begin to join the wiki, they will all add their own spin on any software they might use to create tracks, materials, objects or textures, etc. Even if someone just bought BTB, and doesn't know where/how to start, they could join the wiki and read someone's content of basic instructions on the features of BTB, pointers on the layout, the buttons and what they do, how to begin a simple track. Yes, this is included with BTB, but it can all be built upon, giving any builder tips on better, faster work flow (especially like the more complicated 3dsMax).

As that thread gets built upon by others and 'spreads out', covering more and more topics, the reader could get multiple tips from other experienced builders because any point that someone wants to embellish adds more detail to the thread. Imagine just having a texture problem and being able to find multiple tips and tricks others have posted, giving you a better track without scrolling through page after page of chatter, insults and carrying on about "Who killed who"! The only content you are reading is instruction, pointers, tips, tricks and all around easy to read help. Who doesn't appreciate that?

Whats already covered?
BTB, 3dSimEd, 3dsMAX, CS3,4, ZModeler, Paint Shop Pro, Sketch Up, Gimp, ISI, Sandbox, PC requirements, and any others that are yet to be suggested.

For which sim platforms? rFactor, RBR, GTR2, GTR Legends, GTR Evolution, Racer07, NFS, NR2003, etc. If you can build a track for it, create the content for it!

What's possible? You tell me! It's a wiki, ready for builders to add content!

If this is to grow and be useful for you, builders, then it must be created by you, the builders. The only content that would exist within the wiki would be added solely by track builders, for track builders, who love what they do and want others to experience a popular track release.

Right now the wiki is not public, and in beta form. What I am looking for are some builders who are SERIOUS about helping me put the final touches on it and prep it for release. The more involved you are from the start the better your chance of being an Administrator as well, meaning the opportunity, as well as responsibility, to help maintain and improve the site. There's no point in my doing this if no one knows it's available to them. No content is useless content. Anyone wanting to help with this endeavor can simply PM me and let me know how you would like to help.

Now, I don't intend on offending RD or other websites. I have no plans on 'stealing' content, members or anything like that. The purpose of this wiki is to be a huge, on-line instructional site for track builders only.

Hope to hear from you!

R Soul

It sounds like a good idea. I don't know how much I could bring to it since I haven't been making my own tracks for very long, but I'm sure I could do a bit.


hey that sounds like a gr8 idea as i am sort of new to btb & i am seeking out info on stuff i cant seem to find & wiki sites are gr8 for finding out stuff like that,looking foward to seeing it.
im in the process of writting a tutorial aimed at demo/novices uses of btb. the tutorial in called "btb track in 14 day".
i started writing it so more people would make the jump from demo to full pro. so that piddy might earn abit more of a living from btb and hence more ongoing support...
but releasing this tutorial seems pointless until piddy sorts the licences.
i am also gona release so HD texture packs.. but was going to ask piddy to include in the pro users install.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
I'd love to see something like this, tbh i found the whole experience a complete head mash.
Here is the link to SIMTrackipedia. Please please please add content. It's community driven, so, don't look to me for content. Add any bit of knowledge you have, add tips and tricks, anything for the new user to pro. Then link it everywhere!!!

link corrected
ok, (it's so bad that my english poor...) but some time ago I make video tutorial how create 3D objeck in Shetchup and import it to BTB. You can take it

Erwin Greven

retired from this site.

ps. small error.
Please don't take this one personal.
"requirment" should be "requirement".
when making a wiki, work with google when writing difficult words or phrases. Google looks for these kind of words.
Brilliant! I was thinking of doing the same - but only after I learnt everything. This is going to be invaluable. Detailed how to's are a must with software like this

R Soul

It seems to be a number of forums, but I thought the purpose of the site was to eliminate 'discussion' and just present the facts, like a list of tutorials sorted by category, or how to solve known issues etc.

Also, I created a page in the wrong place. I thought saving a blank page would delete it, but it seems not. And it seems that every link on the Forums page shows the BTB Quick Start page I just edited.
Great idea - however I would prefer to see this kind of thing in place right here at "RD"

Why??? simple really - its the great guys here who are the most helpful - why take that info away from these need to wade through the many posts - even if a question has been asked a million times before (as I'm sure many have) the guys will still give you an answer (or direct you to the right place) need an answer just ask!

I would like to see something more along the lines of Piddy's videos - much easier to "SEE" how things are done rather than "read" and try to decypher although both formats kinda go hand-in-hand...

Great to see the outcome in any form - I'm sure it will be used by all/many...
Actually, I'm hoping it leads to a combination of both. I think the key with a wiki is that you don't have to wait for an answer, if there is enough information already available. You could just scroll through, clicking on any key word that grabs your interest and get several answers at once as well as some you may not have thought of yet, including video tuts.
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