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ATS: Washington State and 'Forest Machinery' DLC Released

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
The much hyped new map expansion for American Truck Simulator is now available to purchase - welcome to the world the Washington State DLC.

Having been steadily teased by SCS Software over the last few months, the much anticipated Washington State DLC map expansion for American Truck Simulator is now available to purchase via the ATS Steam Store.

Containing over 3,800 miles of new road network within the Washington State region of the virtual recreation of America, the new DLC is packed with new and challenging driving experiences for players to enjoy. Adding 16 new cities to the game (Vancouver, Longview, Aberdeen, Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, Everett, Port Angeles, Bellingham, Omak, Wenatchee, Yakima, Kennewick, Grand Coulee, Spokane, Colville), the new expansion drifts between open highway, densely packed city environments and off road sections to give players a nice change of pace from the more established environments traditionally found within American Truck Simulator.

As well as the new locations, the latest DLC in the seemingly constantly expanding game world also adds additional realism with the inclusion of dynamic speed limits and LED signs, a selection of landmark bridges that make up much of the landscape around the Washington State area and of course Washington's iconic Mount St. Helens and Mt. Rainier, amongst many other small and immersive details that SCS Software have become renowned for with their ATS and European Truck Sim 2 games.

ATS Washington DLC 2.jpg
ATS Washington DLC.jpg

As well as the new map expansion, something we've covered at length in recent weeks at RaceDepartment, SCS Software have also dropped another small bonus with the release of the 'Forest Machinery' DLC for the game.

This brand new trailer pack offers new and unique trailers for drivers to deliver to throughout Oregon's and Washington's logging industries and includes:

Towed Forest Machinery:
  • Forwarder
  • Log Harvester
  • Log Loader
  • Log Stacker
  • Mulcher
  • Stumper
Specialized Trailers:
  • Tub Grinder
  • Knuckleboom Loader
Truck Accessories:
  • Headache Racks (2 versions for each cabin type)
  • Hanging Chainsaw toy

ATS Forest Machinery DLC 1.jpg
ATS Forest Machinery DLC 2.jpg

As both the trailer pack and Washington State expansion have released at the same time, and to a certain degree interact with each other in the virtual game world created by SCS Software, the developers have put together a bundle purchasing deal - combining the base ATS game, the previously released Oregon DLC and the two new packs at a reduced £16.10 - a saving of over 50% if purchasing all packs and game as separate items. Check out the 'West Coast Bundle' HERE.

American Truck Simulator is available to purchase now on Steam.

Like hauling load around a virtual United States of America? Good news for you then, you'll probably love our American Truck Sim sub forum! A place to hang with fellow fans of the game, catch up with the latest news and share your love of this surprisingly refreshing simulation.

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DLC aside, the new 1.35 release with the DX11 support finally makes the VR experience much smoother. Many hours to be spent trucking in the following months :)

If I only could get rid of the aliasing...


Thought that DX11 is just beta for now and doesn't work with VR yet...

DX11 is now in the official 1.35...but it's marked as experimental. Right click ATS in Steam and select the DX11 version. Not sure about the VR bit.

Works great for me, gained at least 6 FPS compared to DX9. Just finished taking a boat from Arizona to Washington, noticed some slowdown in some Washington towns (more slowdown than the other towns in other states on my journey)...I normally have a solid 60 FPS except some cities will bring it to the low 50's...but this particular town it dropped to around 44 FPS. Guess some optimization needs to happen but overall I like what I see so far. :thumbsup:
Funny, I keep buying these DLC's to support the devs' work, but in reality, I haven't played either ETS or ATS for over a year now. Don't get me wrong, I think these are brilliant games, but I just can't find time for them anymore.:(
dayum going back to ATS after playing loads of ETS2 and I alway really struggle with the size of the rigs. I even struggled to get one long load out of the damn depot, those double bogey connections are a mare when reversing! (which I had to do quite a bit to "wriggle" the load out). I love the challenge of it though. Must remember to use smaller trailers for acclimation. Awesome DLCs.
Read the official forum just a moment ago and both ETS2 and ATS seem to benefit from DX11 in VR. Will try that tonight. :)

I already did several drives in VR (WindowsMR) using DX11 and it went fine, all stutters are completely gone, even in the cities. There are some Mod that may result in crashes, but again, I didn't have any problems yet. The only issue I encountered was changing video settings, that didn't go over well when applying changes, but I was able to do changes going into desktop mode (F11).
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Durge Driven

Scary thing about ATS/ETC is possibility of features you could add ....just 2

Heavy vehicle inspections (Chips, etc. )
Real-time parts wear , fail inspections , company and owner/driver penalties

Weigh Bridges including mobile units cruising back roads
Some loads at random will be overweight on 1 or more axles
Real-time sliding axles, shift weight to make load legal ( in Dash readout )