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ATS | Idaho 'Viewpoint' Feature Coming Soon


Feb 19, 2020
I have both ETS2 (for almost 7 years now) & ATS (for almost 4 years now). Originally, I got both ETS & ETS 2 back on single cd during a sale when ETS2 was one year old. I assumed no.2 had improvements but I didn't play ETS as soon as I got it. When I first tried it, I thought it was a little boring (to my memory delivery food only). I then tried out ETS2 & it was a little better. I would go back & forth playing one game at a time for a few months then onto something else & rotated back - ETS2, GTA Series, STALKER Call of Pripyat. I'll have to wait until the 12:00-1:45pm this Thursday on TCM (Canada) ends in order to DL & tryout a new state! I'm waiting for my favourite state - FLORIDA - for DLC, but it looks like it will be last. So until then I use Coast-to-Coast, Canada Dream & Mexico to drive around North America! :thumbsup: