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ATR Management IYF - Team Presentation

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Morgan Morand, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Morgan Morand

    Morgan Morand

    "Ayrton Senna Tribute Edt."

    The continuation of our double world-championship-race-winning driver line-up, further consolidation of our world-championship-race-winning engineering team and a subtle, yet deep-reaching technical update of our car all underpin the world-class strength, experience and ambition that exists at ATR Management - IYF ahead of the ISR 2012 Formula SimRacing World Championship.

    This morning’s technical presentation of the ATR-702 at the Circuit De Catalunya, Barcelona showcased a natural evolution of last year’s race-winning car and underlined the message that the new season is very much one of growth through strength and continuity. After finishing 7th & 8th in the drivers’ and 4th in the constructors’ championships in 2011, our aim for the new season is to fight for both world titles from the very start of this year’s campaign.​


    On the technical front, our exemplary engineering duo Martin Christensen (director of ATR-M IYF, engineering and development programmes), and Alberto Bagnati (N1 engineer & former mechanic of Robert Kubica & Mclaren driver Kevin Magnussen) For 2012, they will also be joined by the media director Julia Enchiano, whose arrival coincides with the re-organisation of our media team, but same time trackside personnel roster to ensure both growth and development within the group.

    Maintaining the belief in the validity of strengthened continuity, ATR Management - IYF is the only team in Formula SimRacing whose driver line-up consists of two French Race Winning, reallife contracted drivers:
    Morgan Morand & Yannick Lapchin.

    Of what we testified in the 2011 campaign, maintaining the partnership into a second successive season was merely a formality!​


    ATR Top Driver Morgan Morand said:
    “I’ve been keenly following the development of ATR-702 over the winter and I’ve been really encouraged by the results and the data that the engineers have been showing me.I think we already had a very strong base to build upon: Yannick and I won a couple of races with the ATR-701 last year and I think we’ve been able to retain all the strengths and the reliability of that design while also incorporating lots of improvements and new ideas into the new car.

    Director of ATR-M IYF, Martin Christensen states:
    "I am really pleased with the progress we made during the winter, and the testing days and I think we are well prepared. We have to be because we have set ourselves quite high targets for 2012". "We want to score points on a regular basis and significantly improve our position in the constructors, as well as in the drivers championship, and in all the classes we are competing in".
    "We are well aware that this sounds very ambitious, but this is what we are working on".

    Another step forward in our massively growing organisation, is the creation of a World Series team..
    Driver line-up for the ISR 2012 Formula SimRacing World Series will be an all Italian line up: Matteo Vecchioni & Eros Masciulli.
    - Both drivers with great palmares from Italian SRZ series, and Vecchioni being a finalist of Ferrari Virtual Academy!


    We are also very proud to present our new main sponsor InsideSimRacing.Tv
    During the 2012 season they will feature all Formula SimRacing Race Highlights, as well as the promotional video´s of our team.


    And Finally . . . . . . .

    The Official ATR Management - IYF Presentation Video :​

  2. Andreas Umminger

    Andreas Umminger

    Good luck guys!